10 Dreamy Date Spots in Tagaytay You Can Try before the Big Day

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or looking for ways to reconnect amidst wedding planning stress, you should definitely make plans to spend quality time with your significant other. Date nights at home or at your favorite restaurant are always a good idea, but why not go the extra mile—literally—and make a drive out of it? Set aside an entire day and enjoy all there is to love about road trips, a cool breeze, and delicious food. You’ll have plenty of time to talk on the drive to Tagaytay or even just silently enjoy the comfort of each other’s company, if that’s more your style. In case you’re not so familiar with the restaurant scene in Tagaytay, we’ve got some leads for dreamy date spots. Check out these 10 romantic restaurants and choose your next date night destination. Try and keep all wedding planning talk off the menu, and you’ll soon remember why you’re doing it all in the first place.

10 Dreamy Date Spots in Tagaytay You Can Try before the Big Day

1. Morgano Restaurant

In Morgano Restaurant, you get Mediterranean-style cooking that features fresh, Filipino produce. When in doubt, juicy steaks paired with good wine is always a good choice for date night! Inquire about their set menus for special occasions or simple date nights made more magical.

Photo from @morganorestaurant


2. Cafe Voi La Crosswinds

Nobody does charm and ambiance quite like Cafe Voi La! Their Vietnamese spring rolls and chicken satay always hit the spot and leave you wanting more. Or if you are more of the kind of couple that loves breakfast food, you can enjoy breakfast favorites all day, every day (from Thursday to Sunday) in this cozy space!

Photo from @cafevoilaofficial


3. Sonya’s Garden

Enjoy freshly harvested ingredients when you dine in Sonya’s Garden restaurant. Their classic buffet of Sonya’s Country Fare consists of garden salad greens, breads and dips, pasta, and refreshing juices and teas. The consistent and quality service has made Sonya’s a crowd favorite, not to mention their healing massages that always end with a warm up of basil dalandan tea.

Photo from @sonyasgarden


4. Chateau Hestia

Chateua Hestia is a bed and breakfast that offers rustic Filipino casitas and flavorful and comforting cooking. When you visit the spacious estate, you will surely feel taken care of and relaxed in your home away from home. Make sure to try their freshly baked, rich basque burnt cheesecake, a standout favorite of loyal customers.

Photo from @chateau.hestia


5. Antonio’s Restaurant

Is any Tagaytay restaurants roundup complete without Antonio’s? From their classic interiors, to their gracious service, to the sumptuous culinary creations, you know you’re in store for a fine evening. Perhaps arrive in the afternoon and enjoy a cocktail (or two) while you wait for dinner in their intimate garden set-up.

Photo from @antoniostagaytay


6. Marcia Adams

Visit this garden restaurant and take you pick from their many picturesque, al fresco dining options. You’ll love the rustic ambience and the traditional Mediterranean cuisine. While this restaurant is technically located in Alfonso, Cavite, you can still definitely enjoy the Tagaytay breeze when you dine in.

Photo from @marciasresto


7. The Purple Owl

The Purple Owl really knows how to put dreamy in date night. From fairy lights hanging in gazebos to cozy picnic-style dining, just give them a call and leave it to pro’s to work their magic. Are you also certified movie buffs? Go on and inquire about their romantic movie night set-up options.

Photo from @thepurpleowltagaytay


8. Aozora Japanese Restaurant 

If you or your fiancée are fans of Japaense fare, look no further than Aozora Japanese Restaurant. From fresh sushi to fried tempura and karaage, you’ll find a dish or two for all the Jap-lovers at heart. Aside from an extensive menu, you also have a choice among their 5 Tagaytay branches, all delivering an equally authentic ambience.

Photo from @aozoraph


9. Highlands Steakhouse

Steaks, seafood, and amazing sides await when you find your way into Highlands Steakhouse. Trust us, it’s best to arrive with empty stomachs and non-restricting clothing. While the rustic wood cabin ambience will always be a classic, we recommend dining al fresco for the view and that Tagaytay breeze.

Photo from @HighlandsSteak


10. The Teahouse at Qiwellness Living

How about a getaway complete with relaxation and rejuvenation? At Qiwellness Living, you can start the day with a plunge in in the pool, followed by a therapeutic massage, and end with a traditional Chinese menu. Aside from a multi-course menu, you will also be enjoying a scenic view of a lake, mountains, and forests.

Photo from @qiwellnessliving


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