This Bride Had to Give Up Her Dream Wedding, but Got the Perfect One Instead!

Originally set to be wed in Cebu in 2020, Jigs and Lia were already planning their wedding and booking suppliers when the pandemic hit. When the length of lockdown went from weeks to months, it became clear that Lia wouldn’t be able to get the wedding she had envisioned: to be married in the church where her parents were wed, in front of 200 guests. While both the bride and the groom’s families were hesitant to attend a wedding during the pandemic, Jigs and Lia ultimately decided to still have their wedding, but in Manila. “We were going to push through with this wedding for us, not for anyone else. [So we had to] start planning from scratch,” says Lia, Bride. Planning the wedding was no easy task especially for Lia, who was quarantined in Manila while her family was in Cebu. Thankfully, Jigs was there for her throughout the entire process. 

This Bride Had to Give Up Her Dream Wedding, but Got the Perfect One Instead!

Because of all the uncertainty, the plans were only finalized 2 weeks before the wedding day. Last minute, both sides of the family decided to attend, which was an added joy for Lia, who hadn’t seen her family since the pandemic started. In the end, they had a very intimate reception in the beautifully styled Palacio de Memoria, and despite some hiccups along the way, it was perfect! Enjoy looking through these photos by Chestknots  as you read what else the bride has to share for couples making tough wedding decisions during the pandemic!

One thing I realized along the way was how Jigs was always very supportive. He was the calm that I needed when things had to change last minute. I realized how lucky I was to be marrying a guy who is just so right for me and complements me in every way possible.

Throughout all the planning, it was made clear that God really meant for us to have the wedding we had. Just us and our families, a total of 22 people.

I know it might sound cheesy, but with the year we had, it turned out to be the most perfect wedding that I could have ever wished for.

It’s so easy to get caught up with what you want and what was expected of weddings pre-pandemic. Remind yourselves that this wedding is for you—not for your parents, not for your families, but for you.

Photographer: Chestknots / Videographer: Notion in Motion / Ceremony Venue: Santuario De San Antonio / Reception Venue: Palacio de Memoria / Makeup: Nikki Betos / Hair: Rebecca Brizuela / Dress: Bridal Vania Romoff / Suit: Ziggy Savella / Wedding Rings: JMA Jewelry / Flowers and Styling: Teddy Manuel / Coordinator: Stanz Weddings

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