This Modern Day Filipino Engagement Shoot Was All about Embracing Each Other’s Heritage!

One thing that no one can take away from us is the place we come from. It’s the traditions we grow up with and the values we embody from our ancestors that are the foundation of who we are a person. It’s been said that when you marry someone, you marry into their family, and this theme was beautifully embodied by Arvin and Dana’s engagement shoot. They chose venues and created a concept that tied together their ancestral roots and their love story into a stunning set of photos that were full of life and of meaning.

From the landscape down to their outfits, every part of the shoot had a touch of their heritage. It was a glorious day for the couple to bask in their love, with the beautiful view of the mountains, birds flying above, vast farm lands, and an abundance of trees surrounding them. The bride-to-be wore a yellow baro’t saya with floral prints, while the groom-to-be he wore an igorot vest to represent his family’s roots. As you scroll through the pictures taken by The Backyard Studios, you can truly see how much the couple value each other and their Filipino heritage.

Photographer: The Backyard Studios / Venue: Laurel, Batangas / Hair and Makeup Artist: May Dalumpines

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