How to Plan a Fantastic Wedding Experience According to This Photography Team

The pandemic has set a new reality for weddings that make it look and feel quite far from what once was. It made many realize that getting married doesn’t always have to be a grandiose affair and that there are many advantages to having an intimate one! Though it took some time for wedding professionals to navigate their way through all the new safety protocols, they sure have gathered helpful lessons along the way. Today, Pearl Studio, a group of seasoned shooters guided by Jaja Samaniego, share with us some practical tips on how couples can still have big meaningful moments even with a small celebration.

How to Plan a Fantastic Wedding Experience According to This Photography Team

Trim Down Your Guest List

Focus on listing down the people who truly matter in your life as a couple. Be deliberate with those who you want to spend your day with. If they are open to it, you might want to consider a swab test for everyone to put anxieties at ease. As a general rule, the lower the number of guests, the safer it is for everyone. If unsure, it may be best to keep your guest list under 50.



Take it Outdoors

See if you can have an outdoor event instead of indoor. Wide open spaces will give you and your guests plenty of room for safe interactions. Traditionally, the Bride in her wedding gown will stay “hidden” right before she goes down the aisle, but as with most rules lately, they no longer apply. A more open format allows you to spend more time and have more portraits with people who matter the most.



Personalize the Details that Ring True for You

Whether its handwritten invites, personalised gifts, hiring a sought-after chef, or unique signature cocktails, nothing says more about you together as a couple than the finer details of the intimate wedding you’re planning. Fewer guests can also allow you to splurge on things that might have been out of budget before. These hard to miss elements also serve as interesting photos your guests can share online and as fond memories you can enjoy years later.



Let the Scene Set the Mood

A smaller guest list widens your list of venue options considerably. A picturesque location that’s out of the ordinary and close to your heart, or maybe your favourite al fresco café, an art gallery, rest house, farm, or beach house—the choices are endless and can elevate the experience to make your celebration extra personal. It also opens the opportunity to create new memories in an unforgettable setting.


Involve Your Guests

The beauty of intimate gatherings truly lie in the engaging guest experience. Having been cooped up at home for many months makes these small social events even more cherished. By giving your guests roles such as reading poetry, making drinks, or being the DJ, their presence and experience becomes even more significant on your wedding day.



Trust Your Suppliers

Just because you have less guests, it doesn’t necessarily mean that wedding planning will be any easier. Balancing everyone’s well-being and entertainment is a tough act, so it’s still recommended to hire a professional to coordinate the many elements of your wedding. Their ability to adjust to abrupt changes is essential as well as their knowledge on the latest guidelines and safety practices will anchor you to make sound decisions. For good measure, it is important to have a reliable figure to oversee that guests and vendors adhere to the safety protocols. A solid team of suppliers you can trust is your best bet to feeling confident and secure on the big day.



With careful planning, all that’s left for you to do on the day is to enjoy the moment and let the photographers do their magic. Pearl Studio will capture your heartfelt moments with a distinct bright, natural, and elegant style. Their team is committed to delivering candidly vibrant photographs while keeping your safety in mind. You can check out their portfolio and book their services through their Website and Instagram account. For inquiries on their new wedding and pre-nup packages, you may contact +63(917) 833-3980.

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