8 Tips to Pull-off An Enjoyable and Stylish Wedding Reception In Your Backyard

It comes as no surprise that the latest trend in the wedding scene is intimate celebrations at home; after all, home is where the heart is. In addition to the comfort and safety of your house during these times, there is no venue that is more flexible. The only rules in corkage and styling that you have to follow are your own as well as your mother’s (or mother-in-law’s). The stereotype states that backyard weddings are more laid-back, but it is entirely up to you how casual or formal you want the event. We now see backyards as blank canvases that can be transformed into your dream venue to celebrate with your selected few. There is beauty where there is opportunity, so we’ve collected eight tips to help jumpstart the planning process for those couples who are looking to seize it!

8 Tips to Pull-off An Enjoyable and Stylish Wedding Reception In Your Backyard

[LAYOUT 1 - Plan out the entire guest experience.]

Visualize the path you want for your guests, from their arrival, to seating, and their departure. Arrange furniture and décor to assist guest flow by clearly marking where they should or should not pass. Remember that not all guests have been to your home before, so they may need a little help to find their way around, especially towards the bathrooms. You can have signs that point the way or distinct markers that guests cannot miss.


[LAYOUT 2 - Spruce up the backyard weeks before the wedding.]

To maximize the natural beauty of your surroundings, it is recommended to do the necessary prep work even before the décor and rental furniture arrive. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, you have a unique opportunity to fertilize the lawn, plant new flowers, and remove any dead branches or plants. Mow the backyard a few days before the wedding to give the grass some time to bounce back. Trust us, taking these extra steps will result in much more vibrant and lush greenery for your picturesque set-up!


[LAYOUT 3 - Rent a tent and flooring for the reception area.]

If something can be done to eliminate one of the worries on your list, do it. Whether it ‘s from a light drizzle or from the warmth of the sun, a tent will provide your guests with that layer of protection and prevent you from stressing about inclement weather. The paneled flooring will also be much appreciated by the ladies in high heels and all guests who plan on dancing the night away. If you really dream of a night under the stars, you can always go that route, but do book a tent on stand-by (and a team to set it up), just in case.


[LAYOUT 4 - Make a statement with your entrance.]

Prepare the guests for the magic that awaits them by setting up a grand entrance to your home. You can create a draped entryway with fabric and foliage or even construct an entrance arc or tunnel for that Instagram-worthy shot. You will probably need professional help to execute these ideas, but there are also numerous options if you would rather D.I.Y. How about lining a pathway with flower petals, candles, or lanterns? Or if you would like something more artsy, how about a framed wire welcome sign, seating chart, and photo display?


[LAYOUT 5 - Turn up the lights.]

Whether your aesthetic calls for string lights, fairy lights, or bistro lights, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect lighting to match your desired ambiance. Consider hanging lights on the beams of the tent, wrapping them around branches of trees, or as part of the tablescape. Another trendy and fun way to use lights is through custom-made neon signs of the couples’ names, the wedding date, or phrase or lyric special to the newlyweds.


[LAYOUT 6 - Create a dreamy ambiance under the canopy.]

Ceiling installations have been a staple in weddings to transform ballrooms and event venues into fresh, majestic spaces. Although you are planning an outdoor affair, you can definitely incorporate similar designs to elevate the overall styling. Some options include draping textured fabrics and greenery towards a focal ceiling installation or hanging vintage lanterns and rattan chandeliers in varying heights across the space. Combine neutral colors and natural elements to tie it all together.


[LAYOUT 7 - Get creative with the food.]

Although the projected trend is leaning towards the sit-down type of meal service, that doesn’t mean you can’t add on individually portioned treats. These can be served in booths that are made of wood for a rustic feel or booths that are made of metal for a more industrial design. Serving popsicles in a rustic wagon or Pinoy sorbetes in its traditional pushcart is sure a hit when paired with the outdoors!


[LAYOUT 8 - Keep your guests cool and comfortable.]

With our country’s tropical climate, it would be best to rent equipment to keep the temperature cool, hopefully in additional to a crisp breeze. Make sure to provide the layout to all your suppliers beforehand, so that they can make any necessary adjustments in terms of placement of the food and special equipment. Aside from frozen desserts, be sure to also offer your guests ice-cold refreshments throughout the event to keep everyone well hydrated.


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