7 Fun Ways to Honor Your Original Wedding Date

We know how much you’ve been looking forward to your wedding day, and having to let go of that special date because of the pandemic was tough! But when your original date rolls around, you don’t have to let it go to waste. It can still be a day full of love and happiness. We have some ideas to help you commemorate that special date and make it memorable. Take your pick!

7 Fun Ways to Honor Your Original Wedding Date

Wine and Dine for Two

If your wedding caterer is open for orders and delivery, you may want to have a night in featuring the menu of your would-be reception. Order a couple of the dishes you would have served and enjoy the meal with a bottle of your favorite wine. If you love to cook, then recreate some of your favorite restaurant dishes or the meal you had on your first date. You could also whip up some comfort food which you both love indulging in. Make it a cozy and romantic time!


Host an Intimate Virtual Party

Inviting your friends for a gathering over video call is also a fun way to mark your original wedding date. The happiness multiplies when you get to share it with people who are close to you after all. Go and have a quiz night with a wedding theme or play some wedding reception games like trivia about the bride and groom. You could also ask your guests to prepare their own drinks like wine or champagne so you could make a toast to this special day!


Dress up and Dance

Pull out your best dress and practice your first dance! Your original wedding date is an excuse to doll up and be fancy. Don’t be afraid to let loose and be carefree. You can do your waltz or just have a dance party at home together with your family. Have your first dance song play in the background, too. Take some videos and share it with your friends. This will surely be a fun activity!


Do a Photoshoot

If it’s possible, try contacting your photographer and ask to do a photoshoot at home on your supposed wedding day. Make sure to follow physical distancing and safety guidelines if you choose to do this. You can opt to wear your wedding gown and suit if you want to. If you can’t meet up with your photographer, you can be extra creative by doing a shoot virtually! Just ask your photographer how you can set it up. Another option is to just take photos yourselves! A smartphone would be enough to document your original special date. If you choose to have a date night or a virtual party, be sure to capture the moments so you can look back on them for years to come.


Order Your Wedding Cake

Order a mini version of your wedding cake (or you could even order cupcakes of the same flavor) from your baker and enjoy a sweet treat together! Perform the cake cutting tradition at home and simply have a fun time indulging in desserts. If you won’t be able to order from your supplier, just purchase a cake or other pastries from local bakers. It would be great to support small businesses, too!


Create Your Signature Cocktail

If you were to serve your own creative concoction at your wedding, what would it be? Give yourselves a chance to  experiment with mixology and craft a signature drink that is unique to you as a couple. You don’t have to wait for your new wedding date to come so you can clink glasses! Make your own version of a signature drink or do a mocktail twist on it.


Exchange Vows or Have a Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony may not be legally binding, but it’s a beautiful way to mark the day you were supposed to say your I do’s. You can celebrate a commitment ceremony in any way you want. Share it with your friends through video call or make it more intimate by having just the two of you present. Mark this day by promising your devotion to one another. You can exchange vows you wrote yourselves or maybe even write love letters for each other.

Your original wedding date can still be special no matter what. We hope you’ll have a fun time honoring this day!

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