This Bride Surprised Her Groom with a Wedding in Animal Crossing!

Stuck at home playing video games, Bride Trisha thought of a very cute and creative way to profess her love to her soon-to-be husband. She asked her maid-of-honor and a few of her guests to help her build a wedding setup over on Animal Crossing, a Nintendo video game on Switch! They worked on it for a whole month and it was all kept in secret from Groom Miguel. When the day came for their video game wedding, he was in complete disbelief when he saw the setup and the quick ceremony her bride prepared.

The whole celebration was like the real thing: the bride and her maid-of-honor cried their eyes out before the ceremony; the couple both walked down the aisle and said their vows; they even had a post-wedding shoot! What made the ceremony extra was their wedding officiant, Jesus! Why not, right?

This Bride Surprised His Groom with a Wedding in Animal Crossing!

“My wedding planning was put on hold because of the pandemic but then, I realized that it shouldn’t stop me from planning a virtual one! I joined a group of Animal Crossing players and posted my wedding idea there. In less than an hour, I got flooded by people who wanted to help out! They sent me everything from in-game money (bells!), to flowers, tables, chairs, decorative items, dresses, inspirations and more! That’s where Carlo found me. He’s a professional photographer who volunteered to document my little event! I was so amazed and overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers.” -Trisha, Bride

Photographer Carlo Acetre met Trisha in Animal Crossing and found her plan so sweet! So as a wedding photographer, he volunteered his services to make their video game wedding come true!

“Documenting this through Animal Crossing’s in-game camera was refreshing and so fun! It reignited my passion for shooting as I tried to maximize the limited tools the game offers.” -Carlo Acetre, Photographer

Miguel and Trisha have plans of getting married after the pandemic clears out. For now, this video game wedding allows them to look forward to an exciting future together, filled with adventure and fantasy. Indeed, love expressed in whatever form, is love nonetheless.

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