A Budget Home Wedding: This Bride Made Sure That Her Mom Will See Her Walk down the Aisle

[NOTE: This wedding happened before the COVID-19 pandemic]

At first look, the love story of JD and Kaye looks like the typical serendipity story. They met in a photoshoot where JD was the photographer and Kaye was the model. They fell in love. He proposed. And they live happily ever after!

But what we don’t immediately see are the adjustments they had to make, the bravery they had to muster up, and the practicality they both displayed just to make their wedding day come true.

“At first, we wanted to have a grand wedding. But one year passed and we didn’t have the chance to save up enough. We found out that my mom had cancer and having that kind of sickness is not cheap at all. We had to set aside our plans.” -Kaye, Bride

A Budget Home Wedding: This Bride Made Sure That Her Mom Will See Her Walk down the Aisle

Upon knowing of her mom’s condition, Kaye had to take her in and care of her. It was always her mom’s humble dream to see Kaye walk down the aisle and get married but because of her sickness, she felt unsure if she can still make it come true. JD and Kaye made sure it would.

“Since we didn’t have a lot of budget and we just wanted to make my mom happy, we opted first to have a civil wedding. But then, we are also Christians, and JD’s mom requested to have a Pastor unite us instead. I initially also wanted a garden wedding so considering both requests and what my dream wedding idea was, we went for it.” -Kaye, Bride

“The plan was again changed to a house wedding instead with only a few close friends invited. Our venue was JD’s family house and garden. I started planning how I wanted it to look like. I’m a designer as well so I D-I-Yed our wedding the way I envisioned it. I still wanted to make it perfect and pretty for the camera and make it memorable for us.” -Kaye, Bride

Since Kaye didn’t have much time to go around shops to scout for her wedding dress, she decided to buy one from Lazada! 

“For my wedding gown and shoes, I like shopping online because it’s so convenient. You can save gas and effort looking around shops in different places which takes time to do. My mom can’t go out the house as well so I can’t leave her nor take her with me. So, I started looking for gowns online. I looked for something that fit my taste and made sure the sizing was just right. Same for the shoes!” -Kaye, Bride

“Looking back, we are actually quite happy already how it turned out. Before, we were planning to have another grand wedding after the small wedding. But after that day, we decided that we are already happy with each other. Our wedding was already very special.” -Kaye, Bride

Photo: JD’s wedding outfit was bought from Uniqlo

“Married life is as sweet as we were still boyfriend and girlfriend. Nothing changed much really. I think our bond just grew stronger because of what we’ve been through and the sacrifices that we had to make. We are blessed to have very supportive families and we can’t thank them enough.” -Kaye, Bride

“My mom is still alive and well, still battling cancer but now she’s with my brother in Taiwan. She’s pushing herself to get better to see her grandchild very soon!” -Kaye, Bride


Look at how heartfelt and simple the moments are from this wedding through the photos of Nigel Llamas Photography.

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Photographer: Nigel Llamas Photography / Venue: Bohol Private Home in Taytay / Bride’s Dress: Lazada / Bride’s Shoes: Shopee / Groom’s Attire: Uniqlo / Wedding Jackets: Taytay Tiange and DIY / Wedding Rings: Greenhills / Pet Collars: Life is Pawesome / Tables, Chairs, Lights, and Decor: Tetay's / Cake Baker: Cecile Uy Mathay
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