QUIZ: Who is Your Ultimate Valentine?

Just for fun, who do you think is your best match? Take this quiz and know how your Valentine’s Day date will be like!


1. What kind of date activity do you want on Valentine’s Day?

2. What dish will you eat during the date?

3. What gift do you want to receive?

4. What part of the day is your fave?

5. What drink will you order?

6. What color of dress will you wear?

7. What’s the last thing you do before going to bed?

9. Pick a chocolate from the heart-shaped box

10. What makes you tear up?

Jeon Jungkook

You're passionate about everything just like BTS member Jeon Jungkook! During your date, you'll talk about music, his latest adventure, and his life as a performer. He'll look deep into your eyes, take photos of you, and break into a tune to make you feel special. You'll be lost for words but that's okay. Just spending time with Jungkook is more than enough.
Peter Kavinsky

You're young and curious and love to experience new things. On your date, you'll wear casual clothes and go out to the movies. You'll both enjoy eating the best fried chicken in town while you talk about anything under the sun. Peter will sweep you off your feet and you're ready for it.
Cardo Dalisay

You value dedication and sacrifice. On your date, you'll feel very safe and secure in the presence of Cardo. Though there is a chance that you'll have to cut your date short because of a mission he needs to attend to, but this makes the experience even more exciting!
Han Ji Pyeong

You're driven and warm-hearted. On your date, get ready to talk about business and the latest trends. But don't worry, you'll also be conversing about family, dreams, and goals. You'll eat good food in a good restaurant and the experience will be unforgettable. Just look at that face!
Lucas Bravo

You appreciate food and good looks. On your date, you'll be indulging in a wide variety of flavors. From wine to cheese, to steak, everything will taste exceptional. Add with those gorgeous eyes staring at you while you enjoy your food. Ahhh, don't wake me up from this dream.
Duke of Hastings

You're a risk-taker. On your date, you'll break many rules and it will thrill you. You'll feel like you're the center of the universe and with each deep gaze of Simon Basset, you just know that you're the most beautiful girl in the world.

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