Quiz: Where Should You Have Your Destination Wedding

The idea of a destination wedding always leaves me sighing dreamily. Saying your “I Do’s” in a scenic locale, surrounded by your family and friends–whether in an exotic island or a romantic city–does hold a certain appeal, right? So if you’re planning your own destination wedding or simply dreaming of one, then take this fun quiz to see which place you’d end up in!

Quiz: Where Should You Have Your Destination Wedding

You have a week of vacation time, what do you do?

What is your drink of choice?

What would you wear when your friends invite you to a night out?

Choose a travel essential.

What do you look for in a wedding venue?

What is your makeup must-have?

What characteristic/trait of your partner do you appreciate the most?

What kind of bar would you want to have at your wedding?

Pick a wedding song.

Where Should You Have Your Destination Wedding?
Paris, France!

Sophisticated, chic, and a city girl true and true, you also have a soft spot for romance and love. It's no wonder that The City of Love is your destination wedding spot!
Bali, Indonesia!

Fun loving is how your friends would describe you. You are a social creature and love hanging out with your friends. Game to do anything and an absolute fan of the beach, Bali is your go to destination locale!

You're fiercely independent, and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. You're the D.I.Y. bride who is totally in charge of everything for her wedding, down to the smallest of details. Morocco is definitely a not the norm, but for you it totally is!
New Zealand!

You're always looking for your next big adventure! You love the outdoors, and on your downtime can be seen hiking or going on a road trip with your friends. New Zealand is chock-full of adventure, activities, and a scenic backdrop to boot! Did someone say perfect? We think so!
Tuscany, Italy!

Everything is about the view with you. You live for scenic backdrops and can totally appreciate a beautiful landscape before you. You also know what you want and you're not afraid to act to get it. With its show stopping scenery, Tuscany, Italy is your place to be!
South Africa!

Usually the leader of your group, you definitely stand out from the crowd. You like making a statement, whether with your clothes or your wedding plans, and South Africa is the perfect place for you to say your "I Do's".


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