Who is the Disney Prince You’ll Marry Based on Your Personality?

Hi Ladies, let’s play make-believe today! Make your ultimate fairytale story come true by taking this fun quiz. Tell us in the comment section below if you’ll end up with Prince Eric, Prince Charming, Flynn Rider, Aladdin, or the Beast!

Who is the Disney Prince You’ll Marry Based on Your Personality?


What’s your ultimate guilty pleasure?

On your best day, you describe yourself as?

Which place do you want to fall in love in?

Tell us your favorite color?

What are you looking for in a partner?

Your dream wedding venue is?

Your dream man has what color of hair?

What will be your first dance?

What season is your favorite?

What type of movie do you love to watch?

Disney Prince Quiz
You’ll Marry Prince Eric!

You're a hopeless romantic who will drop everything just to be with a man like Prince Eric. You can get impatient while waiting but just sing your way through the whole process because for sure, you’ll meet him at the right time.
You’ll Marry Prince Charming!

You’re looking for a chivalrous man who will court you like Prince Charming. Just make sure to give him your number before you leave at 12 midnight!
You’ll Marry Flynn Rider!

You’re looking for a kind-hearted man who has a simple but exciting life just like Flynn Rider! He needs to be creative and imaginative to win your heart.
You’ll Marry Aladdin!

You always crave for an adventure so a man like Aladdin is the perfect one for you! Now go explore a whole new world together!
You’ll Marry Beast!

You’d rather marry someone with a kind heart than a handsome face. You have a good judgement of character and it will lead you to the right man like Beast.
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