What Couples Usually Fight About During Wedding Planning

With wedding planning comes great responsibility–such as going on numerous meetings, researching for pegs, and reaching out to many guests. Depending on each couple, some may find wedding planning more stressful, and there might be a point where friction between you and your hubby-to-be can arise in the middle of everything. Here are just some of the things you may not see eye to eye about–anticipating it might just be the key to dealing with it better.

What Couples Usually Fight About During Wedding Planning

The Budget

Yep, planning a wedding can be tricky in terms of setting up a wedding budget. This is why it’s important that both you and your partner are on the same page about this. You have to abide by any rules you’ve both set to avoid overspending. A contingency fund is also a good idea, so you have a safety net to cover some hidden costs. (But that safety net shouldn’t give you a reason to splurge on more than you agreed on!)


Family Concerns

In the Philippines, a wedding is not just a celebration of the union of two people–it’s also about their families. In whatever stage you are of the wedding planning process, a relative could start suggesting things that may or may not sit well with you. If it does, then that’s great–but be mindful of the wedding budget! If it doesn’t, then don’t fret. It’s still your wedding, and rationally talking about things with your partner could definitely save some future issues.


Making Everything About Wedding Planning

How much wedding planning is too much? The answer really depends on how well you can balance all the other aspects of your life alongside it. For example, if you have a full-time job, familial obligations, personal errands, and wedding planning meetings, you should be able to set time for your husband-to-be. After all, your love is the reason why you guys are getting married, so you better keep the fire burning, am I right? If balancing it all is too hard for you, then adjust the time your wedding planning is taking from you. It should first and foremost always be about you and your man.


His Time and Willingness to Help

Not all grooms let their brides do all the planning–there are those who are very invested in it as well. It’s their big day too, after all! But some also just leave it to their ladies to do all the nitty gritty, and this can be a source of frustration. All you have to really do is to talk it out and ask for involvement from your partner. No, he doesn’t have to decide what your makeup will be on the big day (calling all MOHs for that!), but his input very much matters in all the big stuff!


The Wedding Look

So maybe you want a whole lot of bright yellows and pinks, but your groom wants hints of navy blues and teal greens. How do you solve that? Compromise is really the key. Try looking for pegs that suit both of your tastes, and consult each other with the general vibe you want your wedding to have. It’s going to be one of the best days of your lives, and you know you’d both want to relive the memories by loving what you see in that photo album years after.


Fighting with your fiancé is pretty normal, but it’s nothing a good talk can’t fix. Always sit down and discuss key concerns with your partner instead of keeping it in. Solving these things will also come in real handy for your marriage! Just always remember that you are planning your wedding to celebrate your union, and not fight about external factors or your differences. So just go with the flow, and enjoy the planning process!


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