Time Management Tips for Couples

The reality is that we all have 24 hours in a day. But once you tie the knot, you enter a whole new dimension of time management. Not only do you have to fix your schedule and base it on another person, but you actually have to take into consideration what things you spend your time on. Believe me when I say that if you don’t learn how to manage your time well, it can definitely take a toll on your relationship and even on yourself. So whether you’re about to get married or have already been married for quite some time, this article will hopefully speak to you and help you strengthen your relationship even more.

What Happens When Your Busy Schedules Marry?

Let’s start off with enumerating the types of time we spend and who we spend time with.

4 Types of Time Spent

Time for yourself
We all need some “me” time. This is time allotted for your own work or responsibilities and also, for your recreational activities. During this time, you can read a book, get a massage, do a work project, exercise, or accomplish your chores or personal improvement tasks. “Me” time is the time you spend on you and your personal endeavors, whether it’s your career or your rest.

Time with your spouse
So now that there’s a plus one in your life, this means an intertwining of schedules. Your “couple time” is the time you spend talking or doing things together like dinner, workouts, watching a movie, or anything that you both enjoy. In order for both of you to grow in your marriage, quality time together is a must.

Time with your children
With some couples, children come in later in the picture, while others have them as soon as they tie the knot. If you have children, you already know they demand time. And if you don’t have them yet, I’m telling you now that they do. But spending time with your kids is important too! This is the time you get to play with them, take care of them, and guide them in their growth.

Time with others
With the close-knit, “family and friends” culture that we have in the Philippines, we can all agree that time with our in-laws and relatives as well as with our friends takes up pretty much a huge chunk of our daily or weekly lives. This demand of going to get-togethers, lunches, or dinners with friends and family is certainly a common thing we do that takes up time.


Now that we’ve listed down the common types of time we usually spend, let’s now talk about how to manage it in marriage.

4 Tips for Better Time Management

I believe that relationships don’t deteriorate overnight. Instead, they may suffer because of the buildup of small and habitual practices that don’t really strengthen them. So think about whatever you spend most time on–this is the area you can start with. Though I know that balance is key, it’s not always the easiest to do. So here are a few tips to help you juggle your time more effectively.

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