8 Gorgeous Cakes That Can Match Your Color Motif

We often talk about wedding colors and how important it is to make any celebration look pretty and put-together, and it’s always with good reason. Brides today are asking questions like, “Which color will match which? Do the colors complement or clash with each other? Can the color bring out the mood that I want to achieve for my wedding?”

Believe it or not, the same questions should also be asked when it comes to planning your wedding cake! Whether you’ll go for an all neutral palette, pastel hues, or vibrant pops of color, Naked Patisserie can help you match your motif with a gorgeous cake that can tie your entire wedding look together. And we can’t help but mention that their cakes taste so good too! So, prepare your trendy swatches and let’s dive into choosing the perfect wedding cake to match your theme and motif!

8 Gorgeous Cakes That Can Match Your Color Motif

Cake Name: A Few of My Favorite Things

Imagine this: your bridesmaids enter your reception party in blue, flowy, tulle dresses while your venue is styled with touches of peach, soft yellow, and white flowers. Everything looks so delicate and sweet. Then, you focus your gaze on the cake table. You see this three-tiered naked cake that’s crowned with intricately-made dusty blue and peach sugar flowers. You suddenly fall in love with how perfectly it matches your all-pastel wedding theme. It’s just so beautiful! Is this your type of motif?


Cake Name: Lush

Light classic roses are always so elegant, don’t you think? Whether you’ve been dreaming of a fancy indoor wedding or a classic romantic garden celebration, this neutral naked cake with artistically sculptured lush roses can make your wedding theme look even more romantic.

Naked Patisserie Tip #1: Decide on your overall wedding theme and colors before planning your wedding cake. This will make it easier for your cake designer to match your overall wedding look. 


Cake Name: The Bright Side

Have you chosen a bold, tropical color palette for your wedding? How exciting! This naked cake with an orange waterfall of sugar flowers will definitely standout against the pristine shores of your beach venue.


Cake Name: Under the Lemon Tree

Bursts of yellow are always a welcome treat if you have a neutral color base. Quirky and different, the color yellow will surely add personality to any theme! This fun cake will perfectly match your garden wedding setup, with your entourage wearing nude and your groomsmen sporting olive green accents.

Naked Patisserie Tip #2: Always keep your cake designer in the loop while planning your wedding so he can have a good vision of how to create your wedding cake. If you decide to change your entourage colors or if you decide to add textured elements in your styling, let your cake designer know!


Cake Name: The Secret Garden

If you want a simple and no frills wedding but still want a unique touch to your theme, try adding gold, bronze or rose gold details for a glam look. Just like how a single gold frame elevated the look of this cake!


Cake Name: Memories of Us

Deep and moody colors pop up beautifully against white and it gives out a vintage and royal feel. If you assigned your entourage to come in deep wine colors, then this cake will complement the dramatic look you’re going for.

Naked Patisserie Tip #3: Choose your details. The colors of your cake accents will dictate the type of flowers your cake designer will use: fresh flowers or sugar flowers? Whatever it is you choose, it will surely all come together if the colors are spot on. 


Cake Name: Let’s Spice Things Up

You can never go wrong with different shades of brown and earth tones–and this cake is proof! There’s a certain sophistication to it, don’t you think? You can move towards the orange tones, too, for a lively color twist.


Cake Name: Tangled Up on You

If you’re going for a traditional wedding, match it with a traditional high-tiered cake for consistency. It will go well with your ball gown, the formal dresses of your guests, and your elaborate venue styling.

Naked Patisserie Tip #4: No matter what wedding color you choose, we encourage you to make your wedding cake uniquely your own. It will be one of the best days of your life! Celebrate it with a well-thought-of cake!


Start matching your wedding cake to your color motif! Visit the Naked Patisserie showroom at The Manila Peninsula, in Suite 236. You can send them a message at (+63) 945 468 5141 or e-mail them at Naked.Patisserie@gmail.com. You can also visit their Instagram account for more inspiration


Photographer: Michael Gonzalez
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