This Detail can Make Your Wedding Reception Extra Elegant and Romantic!

White–the color that’s both nothing and everything. It’s the most complete, pure, and perfect color, yet its simplicity is like that of a blank canvas that’s waiting to be written on. This contradiction is much like what every soon-to-wed couple experiences: completely and fully in love with each other, but at the same time starting anew. In fact, it was this beautiful paradox and the association of white to the concept of purity that inspired Christian Mark Jacobs, the Manila-based creative genius behind Naked Patisserie, to create a romantic collection of white wedding cakes perfect for the minimalist bride.

This Local Cake Designer Creates Elegant and Romantic White wedding Cakes You'll Fall in Love With!

Why White?
While white doesn’t grab your attention like other loud colors do, its neutrality opens the way to creativity. This is why more and more brides are opting for an all-white and minimalist wedding theme. Clean, fresh, and simple seem to be the non-negotiable qualities in the wedding scene today–wedding cakes included!

“I wanted the cakes to be clean, fresh, and simple and yet still have a “wow” factor that guests would admire and remember from the wedding reception.” -Christian Mark Jacobs

“I think that the combination of minimalism and rustic is the new “chic.” It reflects the elegance and beauty that can be found in simplicity especially when it comes to the styling of a wedding and, more specifically, a wedding cake.” - Christian Mark Jacobs

What Makes White Beautiful?
The versatility of white makes it possible for an artist to develop a design that tells a relevant story. What does it represent? Why should it gain notice? For Naked Patisserie, they find ways to tie the cake design back to the theme or motif to strengthen the overall look and feel of the celebration. As the finest team players in the business, the Naked Patisserie team labors hours of back and forth with the client just to get the right design while still making sure that the cake stands out as a showpiece.

“We can take components of the bride’s gown and integrate them into the design of the cake. For another couple, we designed the cake to match the groom’s barong. As long as the design is inspired by nature, we love thinking up of ways to tailor-make every bespoke cake to reflect a couple’s personality.” - Christian Mark Jacobs

How to Make White Different?
Even just a slight design diversion against a white canvas can make all the difference and Christian knows this well. Known for pouring his heart out on all his masterpieces, Christian makes his white cake collection standout even more by applying his signature pops of color with different flowers and fruits to give character to his creations. In doing so, he definitely redefines and modernizes the classic white wedding cake for the bride today.


Get your white wedding cake started! Visit the Naked Patisserie showroom at The Manila Peninsula, in Suite 236. You can send them a message at (+63) 945 468 5141 or e-mail them at You can also visit their Instagram account for more inspiration.

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