11 Hacks That Can Actually Help You Save Money on Your Wedding Gown

How many of you, when you hear the word wedding, immediately think of the dress? I know I do. And it should come as no surprise to anyone that everyone here at the B&B HQ loves anything and everything that has to do with wedding gowns, dresses, and fashion. But if you’re also looking for ways to cut costs and save a little (or a lot) of money on your dress, then we can help out with that too. Check out these hacks and tips you might not have known can help you shave off a few bucks.

11 Hacks that can actually help you save money on your wedding gown

Try repurposing your mom's gown

Asking your mom, grandmother, or sister for their wedding dresses, and repurposing them can actually help save you a lot of money. Of course it will depend on the fabric of the dress and the design you’ll be choosing, but at least your designer won’t be starting completely from scratch. If your relative’s dress has a lot of fabric, then that’s even better!

P.S. – If you’re looking for a peg for a repurposed gown, check out what this bride did!


Consider renting a dress

If you’re the type of bride who just wants a nice dress for a day, then consider renting. There are a lot of bridal boutiques now that offer the option of renting for a day, and this is definitely going to come out way cheaper. The downside though? You won’t be able to pass it on to your daughter. But hey, who knows what kinds of dresses there’ll be in the next 20 years?


Shop for off the rack gowns

Rather than have a dress made from scratch, go to bridal boutiques and check out what’s hanging on their racks. You can also save on the dress and decide to splurge on the alterations and embellishments, or have some parts custom-made.


Buy a bridesmaids dress

Bridesmaid dresses are definitely cheaper than the bride’s dress, so one thing you can do is to shop for a white bridesmaid dress instead! You can even ask your designer to make you an elegant white bridesmaid dress too!


Go for a simpler design

Usually, the simpler the dress design, the cheaper it is. Go for simpler silhouettes like a sheath or column, as they usually have less fabric. And if you’re worried that a simple dress will look plain and boring, don’t be discouraged! There are many simple, elegant, and sophisticated dresses to prove you wrong.


Visit ordinary clothes stores

Try shopping in regular clothes or even department stores. There are plenty here in the Philippines, and I’m sure there will be lots of white dress options for you to choose from. This will surely cost less, so much so that you can even consider using the rest of your dress budget on a second outfit. Or you could also put it in your honeymoon fund!


Pay attention to details

What is the fabric that you’ll be using? Are there embellishments? What kind? Are there cheaper alternatives for the embellishments and fabrics? Just think that for every little detail that they add onto your dress, the more money you’ll have to shell out.


Think out of the box

When it comes to your dress design, why not think out of the box? Go with a different color like blush or beige (or event prints!), go for separates, or even a pantsuit! While these might not necessarily lead to you saving a few bucks, you never know! It’s worth checking out, don’t you think? Especially if you want to make a statement on your big day!


Opt for a corset/lace-up back

Even if you buy a dress of the rack, sometimes a lot of your budget can still go to your alterations. Maybe you’ll need to have the fit fixed or the length adjusted. Buying a dress with a corset or lace-up back can actually help you save some money because they serve as manual alternations and help lessen the chances of you having your dress altered.


Hunt for those discounts

Everyone loves a sale and getting a discounted dress is always a bargain. Go to bridal fairs, attend trunk shows, and don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. If you’re looking at a certain bridal boutique, follow them on social media and wait for the moment they announce their sales. Let the hunt begin, ladies!

Shorten it

Opt for tea-length dresses! Or you can also shorten the front and lengthen the back of your dress for a bold, chic look. There are so many ways to make a shorter dress look classy and elegant, so don’t be afraid of cutting your dress shorter. Shorter dresses mean less fabric, and usually cheaper dresses too.


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