5 Ways to Calm Your Mind on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is approaching and the months of planning are coming to an end at last. Now it’s time to prep for your prep time— which might sound a little over-the-top, but hey it’s your day! You want it to be an enjoyable, calm, and peaceful experience, right? Right.

Now, how does one stay calm on one of the most important days of one’s life with a thousand moving parts and (usually) professional documentation, to boot? Here are some pointers that might help you find calm in your mind in the midst of it all.

5 Ways to Calm Your Mind on Your Wedding Day

1. Be ready.
Prepare well in advance. Have all the details finalized and fully ironed out a few days before the wedding and stop working on the wedding one full day before it. Delegate all work that still needs to be done to either your coordinator or trusted family and friends. Your wedding will be many things, but a work day it is most certainly not.


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2. Get comfortable.
Pick a prep venue you’re comfortable in. List down the things that are important to you and your sanity and pack a bag with all of those things. Include your favorite snacks (fruits, power bars, candies, alcohol…), a scented candle or essential oils, the comfiest pyjamas to sleep in the night before the wedding, speakers to play your favorite tunes on, a few face mask options, and whatever else you know you need to feel at ease. Unless your wedding preparations are at home, you will need to bring your essentials. Preparing them (and everything else) ahead of time saves you from scrambling at the last minute or panicking on the day itself.

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3. Get physical.
Connect with your body. Before the day begins, make some time to move and breathe. Whether that means going for a quick morning run, doing breath and meditation work, or maybe rolling out a mat for a quick yoga session, is completely up to you. The point is to connect with how you’re feeling by listening to your body on this day. There’s bound to be adrenaline running through the body whenever we anticipate something big and important in our lives— few events being as momentous as your wedding day, of course. You’re very likely going to be a bundle of nerves, and that’s completely OK, but we want to diffuse that energy just a little bit so that you can be present and enjoy that adrenaline as a happy feeling instead of allowing it to overwhelm you. Pick an activity you’re familiar with and that best works for you.

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4. Get centered.
Disconnect from the noise. Your cell phone and laptop can take a rest today. Think about posting on Instagram tomorrow (maybe even next week!), when you have some of those fancy pro photographs in your camera roll. Get in touch with the moment by cutting out everything that’s unnecessary. The most important people in your life are probably right beside you already. Even then, make sure they’re the kind of people who bring you calm and peace instead of worry and anxiety. When all distractions are eliminated, listen to the sound of your own thoughts and enjoy exactly where you are, in this moment. It will fly by all too quickly.

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5. Let go.

Perhaps the most calming thing one can do is to truly let go— of expectations, of worry, and of whatever the future (or the next few hours) holds. All you have is the moment you are in and hopefully, you’ve set everything up precisely so you can let go and enjoy every last little thing to the fullest.

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Inhale. Exhale.

Now go and get married.

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