5 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Guests Enjoy Your Wedding Reception Even More

On your big day, we could all probably agree that the most important and meaningful part is being surrounded by your loved ones, close family and friends who have come to celebrate this incredibly special day with you. Without the people you love, the celebration just wouldn’t feel whole and complete. To help show your gratitude and appreciation to your guests in attendance, we would love to share with you some sweet and sumptuous treats from Naked Patisserie that we’re obsessing over, and that will surely make your guests feel extra special. To further make it a memorable experience for them, we also came up with five simple ways for everyone at your wedding to enjoy your reception to the fullest.

5 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Guests Enjoy Your Wedding Reception Even More

1. Cut down the waiting time with a sumptuous spread

You know that time between the ceremony and the reception, while the newlyweds have more of their wedding photos taken… and the guests wait? What better way to make your guests enjoy this time of waiting than by serving them some delicious cocktail foods or a grazing table! The mouth-watering and beautifully arranged savory spread from Naked Patisserie might just be your best bet. And how perfect is it that you can customize the combination, so go ahead and pick out your preferred cheeses, meats, breads, fruits, and nuts! To wow your guests even more, try out their to-die-for signature dishes: home-made frittata, ten-layer taco dip, Tuscan chicken, candied prosciutto, and vegetable medley with garlic aioli. You can opt to add in some sweetness too, with the Naked Patisserie signature cheesecakes, cookies, and chocolate oreo cheesecake truffles, to complete the sumptuous spread.


2. Tone down the music

The last thing you would want at your reception is blasting music with your guests having to raise their voices to be able to converse with each other. Music and live entertainment are amazing ways to keep the celebration alive and lively, but keep the volume at a level that’ll still allow everyone to converse comfortably. It’s important to remember that your wedding is an occasion where your and your partner’s family and friends can get to know each other a little better, so make the most out of this special time and don’t let loud music get in the way–you can reserve that for the after-party.


3. Go for a program that suits you and your guests' personalities

For a truly enjoyable and memorable wedding reception, try matching your program–the flow, games, presentations, and entertainment–to your and your guests’ personalities. You don’t have to worry about getting this right perfectly, as long as you get the general idea and feel of your wedding crowd, you should be good. This is a key, although oftentimes overlooked, aspect to think about when it comes to planning your reception. Remember to make your program appropriate for all ages too, because fun and enjoyment aren’t only for the young (or old)!


Every wedding has a beautifully designed cake, but not every wedding has a delicious tasting cake. What if we told you Naked Patisserie creates both gorgeous and lip-smacking wedding cakes? Their moist and flavorful cakes with the deliciously unique flavors and the beautifully dreamy designs are perfect for any theme, but will most absolutely stand out in a rustic inspired or nature themed wedding. Choose your perfect cake from Naked Patisserie’s 2019 Spring-Summer Collection’s stunning creations with its lovely contrast of colors, adorned with the freshest of fruits and decorated with lovely hand-crafted sugar flowers. Because your beautiful and tasteful wedding deserves a cake that’s just as beautiful, tasteful, and flavor-filled that you, your partner, and your guests can enjoy to the very last slice! Even recently married celebrities, in the likes of Kryz Uy, Moira dela Torre, Iza Calzado, and Christian Bautista who wed in Bali, made sure to have a Naked Patisserie cake at their wedding!

Cake Name: Feeling Blue
Cake Name: Making Me Blush
Cake Name: Two Trees

“We were one of the first bakeries to recommend 100% edible cakes to couples, which is now becoming more of a norm for weddings. Brides and grooms always comment on the distinct taste of our cakes and the moistness.”

Cake Name: The Crown
Cake Name: To Be A Kid Again
Cake Name: Ecstatic


5. Let your guests take home a sweet little something

To cap off the celebration, hand out sweet little giveaways that your guests, entourage, and principal sponsors will surely remember and appreciate! Looking for some ideas? Naked Patisserie has several sophisticated gift choices perfect for just this. Their rich and indulgent three-piece chocolate truffle boxes are a perfectly delicious option, or if you’re feeling a little bit more generous, you can always go for their eight- or 12-piece truffle boxes, which you can add customized cards to that slide out of the box by pulling a ribbon. If you want to take it up a notch and add a tad bit more of classiness to your wedding favors, Naked Patisserie also has more options ranging from a bottle of fine wine with which you can add personalized labels to, a box of mouth-watering chocolate oreo cheesecake truffles, and even beautifully delicate hand-painted macarons.

Luxe Gift Set: Your choice of signature cake or cheesecake, fine wine, and chocolate oreo cheescake truffles

Keep these tips in mind when you plan your fun and memorable wedding celebration. Naked Patisserie can definitely make your guests feel special with their sweet and sumptuous treats. Get your dream cake started, too. Visit their showroom at The Manila Peninsula, in Suite 236. You can send them a message at (+63) 945 468 5141 or e-mail them at Naked.Patisserie@gmail.com. You can also visit their Instagram account for more inspiration.

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