How to Make Your Out of Town Wedding Guests Feel Like VIPs

Whether you’re having a destination wedding, or have invited some relatives from abroad or out of town to your wedding, of course you’ll want them all to feel welcome and special. They flew or drove in from a far area for your big day after all, so the least you can do is to make sure they feel like VIPs. Lucky for you, we’ve got lots of ideas we’re sure your guests will appreciate. So keep on scrolling and get ready to shower your guests with all the love!

Things You Can Do to Make Your Out of Town Wedding Guests Feel Like VIPs at Your Wedding


1. Lay down the info

If there’s one thing you should absolutely do it’s to give them all the information they need to know. Give them dates, times, locations, areas, directions, how to get where, etc. Just think that if you were in their shoes and making the trip, wouldn’t you want to know everything so that you could prepare, too? Whether it’s through your wedding website, a chat group specifically for all your out of town guests, or an email, make sure to give them all the pertinent details.


2. Score bonus points with a goodie bag

After a long trip, one of the best ways to show your appreciation for your guests is to give them a goodie bag. If I were a guest, I know I’d love one. Wouldn’t you? And part of the fun is filling them up! You can go with food and water (no one will say no to that!), toys (if there are kids), fans, parasols, and slippers (perfect for a beach wedding!), or even a hangover kit! You can be as creative as you want, and even tie up your goodie bags with your theme.


3. Help them with their accommodations

You don’t necessarily have to pay for their accommodations, but since you’ve already scouted the area (and probably did an ocular or two), then you are probably a good enough authority to dole out suggestions for accommodations. You can even give them options! From hotels and resorts to Airbnbs, hostels, and houses that can be rented out, make sure to provide the names, contact details, and of course, pictures for the guests.


4. Think about the transportation

How are your guests going to make it to your wedding? Will they be flying in? Will they be driving? Will their hotel provide a pick up service? Once your guests have RSVP-ed, ask them their plans, and think about how you can make traveling easier for them. You can rent a van to pick up your guests from the airport, ask the hotel to provide parking spaces for them, or even just inform your guests how to get from where they’ll be staying to your ceremony and the reception.


5. Throw a welcome dinner

Once your guests are in your venue (or close by), celebrate their arrival and presence by throwing a welcome dinner! You can coordinate with your venue to arrange this, talk to your coordinator, or even find a nice restaurant nearby that’ll fit everyone. It doesn’t need to be fancy, I’m sure all your guests want to do is spend time with you after all!


6. Suggest activities and entertainment

I’m sure you chose your venue for a reason–be it convenience, the view, the locale, the scenery–and for whatever reason you chose it, make sure your guests understand that too. If they’ll be staying for a few more days after the wedding, look up some things to do including places to see, spots to eat in, things to do and watch, and more. You know your guests better than anyone, so try to cater your suggestions to what they like. Or if you’re anticipating a lot of guests, make a long list and share it with everyone.


7. Invite them to a post-wedding brunch

No, it doesn’t stop when the wedding is over! You can invite everyone to a nice brunch the day after the wedding. Now that the festivities have died down, you can focus more on your guests without you having to worry about the big day itself. If you’re afraid people won’t wake up for brunch (wink wink), then consider having a special merienda in a nice restaurant or hotel. I’m sure your guests will love the opportunity to spend more time with you (and the food!).


8. Don’t forget to send out special thank you notes

And lastly, but definitely not the least, don’t forget to send out thank you notes. Your guests came from far and wide to celebrate with you on your big day, so a thank you note is definitely in order. You can send them wedding photos with a special message, a heartfelt letter, or even a video of the two of you expressing your thanks. It’s up to you how to show and express your gratitude, but I’m absolutely certain that your guests will appreciate it either way.


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