What Type of Wedding Coordination Do You Really Need?

When it comes to wedding planning, a common budget mistake of couples is booking a supplier or a service without understanding who or what kind they actually need. So today, we’ll be helping you decide which coordination package will best suit your current setup to make your whole planning process smoother and less stressful.

What Type of Wedding Coordination Do You Really Need?


Full coordination

This extensive type of coordination is perfect for couples who plan to get married in a different province or country, or are just too busy to handle wedding planning in general. You can opt for a full coordination service if you need help from start to finish–from conceptualizing your theme until your afterparty celebration. You can expect to get help with absolutely everything–from deciding what colors to go for, which suppliers to book, types of styling, and even how the invites should look like. Your wedding coordinator will be very hands-on, guiding you every step of the way. Given this, don’t be surprised to find that the full coordination package is usually the most expensive one.

Tip: Talk to your fiance and figure out how much time both of you can spare for wedding planning. From there, you can gauge what type of coordination work you actually need.


Partial coordination

You can avail of a partial coordination service if you only need help with 50% of your wedding planning. This means that you’ve already booked your major suppliers such as the ceremony venue, the reception venue, the caterer, the photographer, and the videographer. In this kind of coordination, the planner will help you get things together by helping you decide on your minor suppliers, and will make sure to remind you of any unfinished tasks. They will also be the ones sending out RSVPs to finalize the actual head count. If you have limited time to plan for your wedding but still want to do some things on your own, then opt for this type of service.

Tip: Share your wedding vision with your coordinator and ask him or her to evaluate what type of coordination service you’ll need. This way, you get to maximize their service without spending too much.


on-the-day coordination

If you’re a hands-on type of couple and you have the time to cover all the details of your wedding planning from start to finish, then you only need an on-the-day coordination service. This means you’ll be the one to book and coordinate with all your suppliers prior to your event. An on-the-day coordinator will then take over all coordination work during the day of your wedding, making sure that everything flows smoothly from the time you do your hair and makeup to seating your guests during the reception. The planner will help you create a detailed timeline for your big day and coordinate with everyone involved.

Tip: No matter how hands-on you are, booking an on-the-day coordinator is a must so you can enjoy your big day without worrying if your caterer has arrived or if the flowers are styled correctly. Leave the details to a planner so you can make the most out of your special day.


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