Considering A Daytime Wedding? Here’s What You Should Know!

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of sunrise ceremonies and brunch receptions. You may be thinking, what really is the appeal to this? I mean, just thinking about waking up extra early is daunting already. But before you do away with this idea, you may want to read these reasons that might just get you to change your mind.

P.S. – Make sure to check out the sample day wedding schedule we came up with too!

Morning Wedding: A Sample Timeline


  • First, you’ll have more time to relax. Think about it, even though you get up much earlier, your reception will end earlier as well. By three or four in the afternoon, you and your now-hubby are free to kick back, relax, and spend some alone time together as newlyweds.
  • Second, you’ll have more freedom with your bridal look. You can be more simple, casual, or whatever suits your fancy. If you’re the type of bride who prefers a knee-length dress, floral prints, pastel colors, I assure you, those will look even more beautiful with the day as your setting.
  • Third, you’ll have more options. Since morning weddings are not as common, you’re going to have a wider selection of venues and vendors to choose from.


Here’s a general timeline for your morning wedding that you can adjust accordingly–depending on where your wedding venue is, whether your wedding is going to be held on a weekend or weekday, how big your bridal entourage is, how many makeup artists and hairstylists you will be having, how grand your wedding setup and styling will be, and other factors like these.

3:00 - Wake up / Get ready / Vendors arrive and Setup starts 4:00 - Hair and makeup 9:00 - First look photos (Couple portraits / Entourage photos / Family photos) 9:30 - Guests start arriving 10:00 - Ceremony starts 11:00 - Ceremony ends / More photos / Cocktails 11:45 - Introduce newlyweds / Toasts / Cake cutting / First dance 12:30 - Lunch reception starts 1:30 - Wedding games and activities / Dancing and mingling / Cake and dessert 3:30 - Couple departs / Breakdown of setup starts 5:00 - Vendors out


We also asked a few brides who chose the less traditional path of holding a day wedding as to what ultimately made them choose (and love) having their big day in the morning.

"There was less conflict in scheduling the venues since couples usually opt for evening parties. There were less lights to set up too since of course, the sun was up the whole time." - Mayi Lubaton

"We wanted to make our wedding look simple and light. Also, holding our wedding in the morning just really matched our personalities more. We also thought about how, whether you're having a morning or afternoon wedding, you'll be waking up early anyway... so why not just choose to have a morning wedding?" - Denise Escanillas-Ramos

"The church looked perfect in daylight. And the photos were amazing! We also had so much time for our after-party (for drinking, dancing, and good music). And after the after-party, we had the chance to chill and have dinner in a nearby restaurant before we went back to our hotel! It was like a grand celebration with a touch of a normal day, which made it super memorable." - Lux Dominique Cortez


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  1. Thanks – planning a sunrise wedding next February and this is also what I needed. I thought I was crazy but nice to see others have managed the experience of planning a sunrise wedding also.

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