5 First Dance Alternatives You and Your Groom Can Do in Your Wedding Reception

What’s your favorite part of the wedding reception program? Mine’s surely the bride and groom’s first dance. There’s just something inexplicably magical and romantic about it, right? But if you and your groom are not really into dancing, I get how planning this part can be a little stressful. So, I thought of some alternatives that are just as meaningful as a first dance. Go check what they are below!


1. First Live Performance

If you can’t dance, why don’t you give a live musical performance instead? Having your first live performance as husband and wife is not only a great first dance alternative, it’s a great way to entertain your guests too!


2. First DJ Performance

If dancing or singing sounds too much, taking over the DJ’s booth is the way to go. Besides, if slow dancing is not your thing, playing some pop hits may make those hips start moving!


3. First Shot

Since you already took a shot at forever with each other, why not commemorate it with an actual shot?


4. First Magic Trick

Show them how magical real love can be by literally showing them magic! Your husband can be the great magician and you can be his stunning assistant!


5. First Movie

Prove to your guests that romance can be just as good in real life as it is on film by playing a slideshow of your love story as a couple, starting from your very first selfie together to the photos of you on your engagement shoot.


There you have it! I hope you guys like these alternatives. Just don’t forget that in order to make your first couple performance very special, do something that’s true to you and your groom’s personality. And if you’ve got any other suggestions for first dance alternatives, leave a comment below!


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