8 Practical Ways to Save Money On Your Wedding

Every bride hopes to have the wedding they’ve always dreamt of! However, who says you have to spend a fortune to do so? There are always things you can do to save up on cash when you’re in the middle of planning! So we’ve rounded up a few budget tips and hacks you can do to help save some money. Check them out below!

Wedding Budget Tips and Hacks


1. Be realistic

Only use money that you are willing to spend. Don’t take up a loan you will definitely regret later! Set realistic expectations along with a realistic budget. Explore cheaper options or look for alternatives.


2. Maximize your venue’s resources

Consult your contact for the venue, and ask for all the services and favors included. List down the pros and cons of each venue and opt for the one that gives you your money’s worth!


3. Don’t be afraid to borrow

As it always goes, something borrowed, something blue. Don’t be shy to ask for your mother’s previous wedding dress (always a classic vintage choice) or any of your aunt’s, friend’s, or relative’s wedding items that they can lend!


4. Try D.I.Y.

Whether it’s invitations, decor, or the favors, you and your fiance can try your hand at D.I.Y. It could also be a good way to bond with your soon-to-be husband! Whatever can be done yourself, try doing it on your own or ask the help of your bridesmaids or maid of honor! You can save a whole ton of money if you go get the materials yourself too.


5. Cut down on your guest list

Opt for a more intimate and private wedding by just inviting your close friends and family. Don’t go inviting people you don’t really need there! (If you need some help cutting down your guest, list, we can help you with that too!)


6. Opt for a smaller cake

You don’t need a cake as tall as a tower! You can choose to have a small cake or explore other unconventional cake alternatives!


7. Go for a smaller band

More often than not, smaller bands make for such a great musical act! The size of the band doesn’t really matter, but you’ll want to make sure they can perform everything you want to be played at your wedding!


8. Keep track of your finances

It’s always a good idea to keep track to make sure you’re staying on budget and know if your money is going in the right place!


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