How to Leave A Good Impression On Your In-Laws: A Simple Guide

More often than not, relationships aren’t all about having a “me and you against the world” type of thing. You have friends, families, and other people who surround your lives that also matter and may impact your relationship as well. Case in point: your in-laws (and I’m not just talking about the parents)! Your in-laws won’t merely be the family of your soon-to-be-husband–they’ll also be yours . Getting married here in the Philippines doesn’t just celebrate the union of two lovebirds, but their families too. And the best way to ensure that everything flows smoothly is to read up on our guide to effortlessly impressing your in-laws:

How To Impress The In-Laws 101


1. Dress well and comfortably.

While your fashion sense may be pretty awesome already, it’s never a bad idea to crank it up a notch when meeting your in-laws. Ask help from your S.O. and besties to evaluate your outfit choices if you’re unsure. (We know it can be nerve-wracking!) Remember: you don’t have to go full-on red carpet mode or be someone you’re not–just keep it real, you know?


2. Manners, manners, manners.

Yup, this is a different family with different rules and upbringing, but the one thing everyone appreciates is respect. Be polite and courteous with them, don’t forget your “please” and “thank-yous”, and be genuine.


3. Use your voice. Literally.

It’s not a crime to talk at the dinner table while you’re discussing stories, hobbies, or whatnot. You’re with them because you want to get to know them, so it would be nice if you can engage with everyone! It might be a bit awkward at first, but once you find commonalities, you’ll definitely loosen up and things will go just fine!


4. Don’t act like a stranger to your S.O.

I know, having his family around might be weird for you, but don’t let that get to you! I’m sure his family will also appreciate seeing a glimpse of what you’re like to their son/brother… and if they like what they see, they’ll also be warmer to you. But girl, don’t put on a show. Just act natural! (Have you noticed how many times we’ve said that already in one way or another?)


5. Take time to get to know everyone.

Any kind of relationship grows and strengthens through time. You won’t be BFFs with his sister on the first meeting, and that’s okay! There’s no rush, and you basically have the rest of your lives to get to know everyone. So naturally, the more time you invest in spending with them, the more you’ll grow closer to them.


Feeling much better now? We hope you are! In-laws are a case to case basis, so not all of these can work out for you, but generally the best thing you can show them is respect. And if they see you doing that, then that’s awesome as it is already!

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