The Pros and Cons of Having A Beach Wedding

Summer is here, and that means lots of sun, sand, and sea! And if the hot summery weather is painting a pretty beach wedding picture for you, you’re not alone! So, if you’re thinking of having a beach wedding, but aren’t quite so sure yet, allow us to help you make up your mind. Because hey, let’s be real, even though they may look gorgeous in the pictures, there’s a lot of other things to think about too! So before you make your final decision, check out our list of the pros and cons of having a beach wedding.

Pros and Cons of Having a Beach Wedding Photo: Enrico Nepomuceno



1. The beautiful setting

We won’t deny it–a huge reason we love beach weddings is because they are undeniably gorgeous.

2. Less decor needed

You can utilize the beauty of your natural surroundings and save on your decor. Cha-ching.

3. The beach can serve as your reception venue.

No need to travel, no need to pay for another venue–everyone can just enjoy themselves!

4. It can be less expensive

This really depends on your theme, style, and what you both want, but you can save on your decor and venue, right?

5. Comfier attire

Both for you and your guests! You can even go barefoot!

6. There are so many beach theme options!

There are less rules and restrictions when it comes to beach weddings. You can be creative and casual, and let your personalities shine through.

7. The relaxing atmosphere

We don’t know what it is, but there’s just something so relaxing about the beach. Your guests will definitely feel like they’re on a vacay! (Hopefully, you will too!)

8. It’s also a great honeymoon spot

Hey, if you want to get started on your honeymoon early, the beach is a pretty good way to go!



1. The weather

So this is probably the biggest con of them all. The weather can be unpredictable, ranging from extremely hot days to torrential downpours. And you may need to have a backup venue just in case. Best to listen in on weather forecasts and check your weather apps!

2. Some beaches may have rules

Always check if beaches have rules–like whether you have to get a permit or aren’t allowed to light candles.

3. It may not be private

If you’re not getting married on a private beach, then you may have to deal with ogling strangers.

4. Some people might not be able to make it

Traveling to the beach isn’t exactly that easy, and some of your guests might not be able to make it to your big day.

5. Flowers can wilt

Even we sag under the glare of the sun! What more your delicate flowers!

6. The tide

If you’re planning on getting married near the shore, you’ll have to watch out for the tide. Nobody wants to have to go into the water to swim after something the tide pulled away!

7. The noise

You don’t see it in the pictures, but having an outdoor wedding, especially a beach wedding, can be quite noisy. There’s the sound of the tides, the waves crashing against the shore, the birds, and maybe even other people on the beach.

8. The animals, wildlife, and bugs

While birds may be pretty creatures to capture in your photos, they will fast become unwanted guests when they start picking at your guests’ food. And let’s not forget about the bugs–and lots of them!


There you have it, guys! The breakdown of the good and the bad of having a beach wedding. So, what do you think? Will you be having your wedding in a beach? Let us know in the comments below!


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