10 Cute Photos You Should SO Take With Your Bridesmaids

On the most amazing (and probably stressful and nerve-wracking, but also the happiest) day of your life, you will be surrounded by the people nearest and dearest to you. Yes, your family and friends are present, but in this case, we’re talking about your tribe! Your maid of honor and bridesmaids are there with you from the beginning of your wedding preps ’til the end of the reception party. And trust us, there will definitely be moments that you will for sure want to capture. So, we put together a shot list of cute photos you should totally take with your bridesmaids. Because hey, who doesn’t want group photos with your best-est set of gal pals?


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: Cute Bride and Bridesmaid Photos


1. The "today is the day, we're excited to be matching even while prepping" shot
Myio Okamoto


2. The "we're (kinda) helping the bride get dressed" shot
Enrico Nepomuceno Photography


3. The "throwing the veil" shot
Toto Villaruel


4. The "we're all dressed up and ready to slay" shot
Pat Dy


5. The "we are models on this day only" shot


6. The "cutesy prop" shot
Air Balloon Project


7. The "compress... group hug" shot
Catilo Photography


8. The "one with the boys" shot
CamZar Photography


9. The "pretend but sometimes actually laughing" shot


10. The "we have each others' backs forever" shot
Mayad Studios


Aren’t these moments with your girlfriends something you would definitely want captured? Tell us which moment is your fave or comment below if you think we’ve missed some. Because even though these girls will only be your bridesmaids for one day, they’ll still be your go-to girls for the rest of your life!


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