11 Touching Moments You and Your Maid of Honor Share Throughout Your Wedding Journey

Whether she’s your sister, cousin, or best friend, your Maid of Honor’s presence is both crucial and special on your overall wedding journey. Way before your hubby came into your life, she’s already been with you through thick and thin. Planning your wedding is no exception, and you’re more than glad that she’s there for support! Here are some of the most heartwarming moments you and your MOH share throughout your wedding journey.

That moment…

“Yes, of course, I’ll be your Maid of Honor! I’m so glad you asked!” And here, folks, is where it all begins.


As the Chief Bridesmaid, it’s her responsibility along with the rest of the bride tribe to give you the best bridal shower ever. And since they know you really well, it’s guaranteed to be a hit!


We all know how stressful this can get! From wanting too many dresses to having no idea what to get, your MOH is there to give you practical fashion advice. She’s also there to support any decision you make–isn’t that what they’re there for?


You’re so stressed with planning your wedding, that she comes over with a pint of ice cream to make you feel better. There, there. Your wedding will be perfect, trust us!


Why, to get the most unique and cost-efficient materials for your wedding, of course! No matter what season it is, she’s always game.


You’ve come this far, and she’s not about to let a bunch of nerves ruin your day. Her presence reassures you that you’re spending one of the biggest, most important days in your life with the right people.


What with everything happening on your wedding day, you’ll barely have time to look at your phone to read messages or take photos! Your MOH will keep your phone safe and sound for you, and if you want, she can answer those messages too.


This. Is. It. Your hair and makeup are done, your dress is on, your wedding look is almost complete, and she’s the one who helps you slip on your shoes right before you leave for the ceremony venue. Because, let’s face it, you can’t even find your feet underneath your glorious gown!


…and you’re left all alone. During the processional, the Maid of Honor is the last person to walk before you down the aisle. It’s probably this moment that will pull you into reality–it’s your turn to walk down the aisle now, honey!


LOL! While this may sound funny, the struggle is definitely real. Being a bride does not make you immune to having a full bladder. And with all those nerves to begin with, we’re sure you’ve been wanting to pee at some point! Thank goodness your friends are there to help you. It’s not easy to pee in a ball gown–or almost any gown, for that matter! 


The same way that asking her to be your Maid of Honor set things in motion, it’s her speech that concludes your journey as bride and MOH. You’re married, and the wedding festivities are almost over, but that doesn’t mean she’ll stop being one of the best girlfriends you have.


Awww. Now, why don’t you give some love to your Maid of Honor by sharing this with her? We bet she’ll love this!

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