6 Ways to Prepare Your Dad for Your Big Move

There comes a time in a bride’s life when she will ultimately leave her parents’ house and go off to live with her husband. It might sound exciting to you and your fiancé or spouse…

But for the dads out there who have to see their little princesses leave them, it just might be their worst nightmare! So for the Daddy’s Little Girls out there, here are some ways that you can help your dad prepare for your big move.

1. Talk to him. Whether it be about your upcoming wedding, your plans, your future, or even just how you feel about anything, talking to your dad and keeping him in the loop of your life will make him feel he's important to you. Plus, the more you talk about it, the more he might get used to it!

2. Ask him for his opinion on things. Another way to make your dad feel involved in your life, is to ask his opinion or advice. You can ask how he felt about his wedding day or how he got about to moving out after his wedding. You don't necessarily have to take all his bits of advice, but he'll love knowing you still care about his opinion!

3. Start spending more time with him. Your dad probably has a mental wedding countdown in his head. He's dreading the moment he walks you down the aisle and you leave his side. You can help soothe his nerves by spending more time with him. It doesn't need to be something big--you can have breakfast with him, do a crossword puzzle together, or watch TV. These short moments of bonding time will be something both you and your dad will be able to enjoy and look back at.

4. Make a visitation plan. This is something concrete that you can give your dad for assurance. Set dinner dates or visiting dates so he knows that he's not losing you forever.

5. Communicate with him often. Even after the wedding and your move, keep in contact and regularly call and text your dad. Even if it's just random stuff about your day or a funny story or even a picture of you doing something, we're sure your dad will appreciate it 100%.

6. Remind him that you still love, appreciate, and need him. Sending him little texts, sharing a hug with him, and giving a speech addressed specifically to him at your wedding, are just a few little things that you can do to show your dad that he's loved, appreciated, and needed. Because really, even though you may be engaged or married, there will never be another man in your life like your #1 dad!

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