Beauty and the Bride: The Fitness Workshop

Hey, loves! How was your weekend? It was a very fun and productive Saturday for Bride and Breakfast and Colgate Optic White! We were so happy that all our brides and besties showed up with their radiant smiles, full of excitement! Saddle Row and Beyond Yoga was the perfect venue for our fitness workshop! Not only did we have our talks there, but our brides were able to try out a couple of classes too! Some of them were first timers, and seeing that they were still happy and smiling ’til the end made this workshop so worth it!


Hands down to Passion Cooks for making our venue look like the most relaxing lounge ever! The flowers in every corner were so beautiful, it made everything look fresh and radiant! Our brides looked so comfortable sitting down, meeting new friends, and eating. The Greek food from Cyma totally complemented the set up! Our brides and besties were served Kalamata Hummus with fresh vegetables, watermelon and feta, Roka Salata, Chicken Souvlaki, and fresh lemonade. I got a bit hungry again writing about this, nomnom. Wasn’t that the perfect food for a fitness and health workshop? It was just right to give our brides and besties energy for the workouts later!



Before our super fun and exciting workout, we had two special guest speakers with us to talk about fitness, health and nutrition. Thanks to Sensitivity Lights and Sounds, everyone was able to hear every single detail of the talks! We wanted to give our brides and their besties a super fun and casual talk as if we were all besties that day, sharing stories about each other! And it went great! Karel Marquez, a bride-to-be herself, shared her stories about her wedding preps and working out!


It was so fun listening to Janna and Karel talk about Karel’s fitness goals and the things she’s doing to stay fit before her wedding day! Did you know that Karel doesn’t eat carbs after 6:00pm? I think that’s a great idea, don’t you think? She also gives herself a cheat day so that she doesn’t torture herself at all! And look at her, doesn’t she look so healthy and fit already?


Daya Sanvictores of Lunchbox Diet gave a short talk about health and nutrition as well! I sure learned a lot from this talk! She gave our brides tips on what to do months before the wedding on how to stay fit and be healthy! My favorite tip of hers was how to avoid the “yo-yo effect”. Everyone goes through this cycle of dieting and gaining weight, right? So it was nice to hear this from her point of view!


Before the workshop started, our brides and besties picked which workout they wanted! Some decided to do rowing because they’ve always wanted to try it, and it was something new for them! The rest of our brides and besties tried cycling since it’s a very popular workout right now! Everyone was so excited, they actually rushed out to start getting ready for the workouts! Jay Mayuga and Nice Print Photography totally captured the girls smiling and enjoying during their classes!


The cycling class looked so fun–I was so jealous! Monica Dizon, our Saddle Row cycling instructor, sure knew how to pump up the ladies! They all looked like they were having fun! The music during that class really pumps you up and makes you super energized! The brides and besties were great–even if they got tired, their smiles were still so big and bright!

While the cycling class was happening, Pio Luz, our Saddle Row rowing instructor, was workin’ it out with the other brides and besties! His workout was a mix of rowing and core exercises! Again, I was super jealous!  This was my first time seeing a rowing class and it looked so fun and hard at the same time! Our brides and besties came out strong with their glowing and big smiles! All that hard work paid off! Woot woot!


We didn’t want to leave our brides empty handed! Each of our brides and besties had a little surprise beside their bikes and rowing machines! They got goodie bags with tokens from our sponsors, as well as red facial towels and sports jugs so that they could wipe all that hard-earned sweat, and drink up to get energized!

But wait, we didn’t end there! We had another workout treat for our brides and besties! We had a culminating stretching activity with everyone! Raissa Gatus, our Beyond Yoga instructor, helped us out with this activity! She gave the ladies a little info about yoga before they went on to the yoga poses! Our ladies still had the energy to try out this quick and easy 30-minute class!

It sure looked like everyone had a lot of fun! Just like in our previous workshops, we had an Instagram contest! But for this workshop, we had two! Our first Instagram contest was to post a selfie of them enjoying the food and/or anything related to the healthy Greek food they were having! All they had to do was to tag @brideandbreakfast and @cymarestaurants in order to win a gift certificate from Cyma!


The other one was another Instagram contest where they had to post photos of their favorite activity or a selfie with the hashtags #BeautyandtheBride and #BNBxColgateOpticWhite in order to win a gift certificate from Lunchbox Diet!

We are just so thrilled that all of you enjoyed the fitness workshop and that you were all still smiling until the very end! We’re glad that everyone went home knowing how to get fit and healthy! We just need that little push, which I think all our brides and besties got during the workshop! We were so happy to hear all our brides and besties say thanks to us for having them! But ladies, we’re the ones who are supposed to thank you! Our Beauty and the Bride workshop series was a huge success, thanks to everyone who attended and partnered with us for The Fashion Workshop, The Beauty Workshop and this, The Fitness Workshop.

Hey brides, don’t forget to smile! A smile is the prettiest thing to wear on your wedding day! All you need is Colgate Optic White to keep those smiles bright and radiant!

Cheers, ladies! Good luck and congratulations in advance! We wish you all the best!

Venue: Beyond Yoga / Venue: Saddle Row / Flowers & Decor: Passion Cooks / Photographer: Jay Mayuga / Videographer: Nice Print Photography / Lights and Sounds: Sensitivity / Catering: Cyma / Speaker: Karel Marquez / Speaker: Daya Sanvictores of Lunchbox Diet
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