Here’s the Cheat Sheet for a Well-Styled Wedding Reception

You may not think it now, but it’s actually easy to get lost with how you’ll decide on the look and feel of your reception area. And of course, you’d want it to look smashing! It’s gonna set the tone of the wedding after the ceremony–it is, after all, the place where most of your guests will spend a lot of their time celebrating your special day with you.

There are three major areas in a reception that you need to take note of in order to achieve a well-styled space: the entrance, program space, and dinner table. Planning the look of these three areas will give your reception a balanced, harmonious look.

Of the three major areas, your dinner table is pretty high on the priority list of styling. There are a whole bunch of things you have to consider for a well-put-together reception table, which are floral arrangements, non-floral styling accessories, furniture, and installations. Nowadays, there are more options for couples with the introduction of event styling rental companies, such as Bella Banquets who closely work with creative event stylists for more choices in non-floral styling accessories, furniture, and installations–you’ll be surprised with the vast variety there is to cater to your preferences! Curious to know how this is done? Watch three different ways to style your table, as well as how the whole reception area comes together!


For a simple and chic table setting, you can have low table arrangements to keep things light and casual.

Having a tasteful and elegant set-up would call for more candelabras and candle holders! It’s the best time to add those elements that’ll give an instant wow factor while having a moderate amount of florals.

A timeless and grand table has it all! The reception area as a whole looks more defined, and there’s usually an added VIP table. For this, Pin Torres of Bella Banquets recommends having a statement piece–in this set-up, it’s the tallest flower arrangement.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules on styling! Whether you take the styling package from the venue provider or caterer, opt for a D.I.Y. setup from your nifty squad, or hire professional help from stylists and rental companies, choose the styling category that fits your budget and personality. Just don’t forget to take note of the major areas and elements you need to pay attention to! Enjoy styling, loves!

Thanks to Karvina Li and Noel Rios for letting us use their wedding venue styled by Teddy Manuel for this post!

Photographer: Pam Sta. Cruz / Videographer: Hello & Co. Cinema / Event Stylist: Teddy Manuel / Event Styling Rentals: Bella Banquets / Reception Venue: Shangri-La at the Fort
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