6 Creative Ideas for Adding Character to Your Home

Building your dream home with your hubby is truly one of the most exciting ventures you two will go through together. But there are so many options available that it can get a bit too overwhelming–you might end up settling for something just to get it over with. But dressing up your home doesn’t have to be boring! Check out these tips that show how you can use a variety of creative pieces from SM Home to add character to your house, apartment, or condo. Thanks to The Gallery for taking these wonderful photos!


1. Use color to accentuate your living room. Choosing an accent color can help define an area in your home. Using an eye-catching color can be exciting! You don’t have to drown the whole room with it–be subtle and choose strategic items to sport pops of color.

This red accent chair is a great example of how a pop of bold color can liven up a space.


2. Get appliances with a unique finish. If you love cooking, then you’d want your kitchen to look like your haven. Why not go for color instead of the usual silver, white, or black? It’ll surely make your kitchen more inviting, and more you. Bonus tip: Try matching your kitchen items with each other so you end up creating a harmonious color scheme!


3. Put on bed sheets with bold prints. Your bedroom is your private space and sanctuary, and you can make it as fun as possible! Choosing playful prints is one of the easiest ways to liven up a room with white walls and plain carpeted floors. You can choose bright colors like yellow to make the room pop!

There are so many options for patterns and prints, so choose the one you like the most!


4. Throw in some colorful pillows. You can dress up a plain sofa with colorful and cute throw pillows. Besides having a lot of options, a cool perk is that pillowcases are very affordable, so you can change them up any time you want! Tired of blues and greens? Maybe you can go for bolder colors like orange next month!


5. Set up your dining table with unique plates and textured placemats. Eating food is already a joy to begin with, but having a lovely table setting effectively makes everything more enticing! How about choosing light blue plates for your table and getting a placemat with a nice print to boot?

And if you don’t like blue, there are a ton of other options! I mean, how cool are these plates and bowls?


6. Liven up your bathroom. You don’t have to settle for the usual plain items for your toilet–choose unconventional accessories to brighten up your bathroom. These copper bath items would look great against white or neutral-colored tiles or sinks.


Home shopping can definitely be fun. Take the time to think about what vibe you want to have in the different areas of your home, and always remember that you can use color and patterns to creatively decorate and accentuate your living spaces. Have fun, loves!

Home Items: SM Home / Photographer: The Gallery
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