5 Great Tips To Help You Design Your Wedding Invitations Better

Let’s talk wedding invites today–one of my favorite wedding details! These gorgeous paper goods are one of the first things you send out to your guests, and it reveals the theme and vibe of your wedding first hand. You’ll want your invitations to both represent you and your groom-to-be as a couple and look like the upcoming wedding–but how do you exactly go about deciding that? Anina Rubio dishes a few tips to help us! Take a look below!

1. Color and contrast. Make sure that the invitation matches the color scheme of the wedding. It’s also ideal to add some contrast by making other pages washed with a background color. For example, in the spread below, the main invite and entourage are white, while the RSVP card is pink. This makes the whole suite look more interesting, especially if you have a colorful theme! [Photo: J Lucas Reyes]


2. Handwritten elements. Incorporate handwritten or hand-painted elements to make the invitation look more natural and organic. It will create a nice contrast to the typewritten elements in the cards and allow for an overall balanced look. [Photo: Jaja Samaniego]


3. Texture. It’s also a good idea to highlight some elements in the invites by using foil stamping or embossing. Another option is to use handmade or textured paper. This can give a unique, raw look to your invites–one that isn’t common in most suites! [Photo: Anina Rubio]


4. Layout. Play around with the typography layout for the main page while still maintaining the emphasis on important details like the couple’s names and date. You can opt to go for a more uniform look as well, like below–calligraphed names and headers and typewritten details. [Photo: Anina Rubio]


5. DIY. Instead of using traditional envelopes, you can use twine, string, or doilies to bundle the invitation pages together. This will also add a personal touch to your invites. If you’re going for envelopes, you may close them with a wax seal or add small details inside like a lace envelope liner. [Photo: Ena, the Bride]


Are you just about itching to get started conceptualizing your invites now? Go ahead, loves! We hope this gave you the much-needed inspiration to start on your wedding stationery. Have an amazing Thursday!

Invitations & Stationery: Anina Rubio
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