Here’s How To Effortlessly Match Your Dresses and Flowers

How does one finalize the look of their wedding? There are just so many elements, and it can be intimidating where to start. One of the most critical parts is choosing your wedding’s color scheme. You can’t just throw a bunch of colors together, right? So we asked Jacqs Floral Design Studio to help us create a tip sheet on selecting the colors of your flowers and matching them with your entourage’s dresses to create a smooth color palette. Ready for the crash course? Read on!

[Photo: Nicolai Melicor]

Colors play an important role in a wedding. It sets the tone and personality of an event. Bright colors such as orange and yellow give you a more fun and vibrant ambiance. Neutral colors such as beige, sage, or gray give you a more earthy and natural feel. Pastel colors such as blush, peach, or mint give you a soft and light mood. Dark colors such as navy and maroon give you a dramatic atmosphere.

It is ideal to keep your colors limited to two to three colors only. Choose a primary color then combine it with colors that are either (1) complementary, or (2) monochromatic.

Complementary colors are colors that are opposite the color wheel, like red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange. This creates maximum contrast and makes the colors stand out.

[Photo: Paolo Feliciano]
On the other hand, a monochromatic color scheme consists of a single color but in different shades, like rosy pink, fuchsia and blush. See how this monochromatic bouquet matches their dresses!

[Photo: NYAPS]
As a general rule, I tell brides/couples that if the gowns are colorful or printed, it would be ideal for the flowers to be in lighter shades (pastel) or neutral colors such as white and green.

[Photo: Polk Wedding Studios]
Or the opposite: If your gowns are of neutral colors like white, beige, or gray, or in solid pastel shades, then use vibrant colors for the bouquets for them to stand out. Your flowers can be at the center stage!

[Photo: Nicolai Melicor]
At the end of the day, it’s really having the eye and pairing which colors go great together! Mix and match them up, but make sure they won’t overwhelm too many details in the wedding. Excited to start conceptualizing about your color palette? Go ahead, loves! Enjoy!

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