For the Bride: Bridal Elegance Video

As a bride, it’s all about catching precious moments like these in a frame. But what if it only gets better?

Here at B&B, we love new and extremely romantic ideas and embrace the concept of capturing the beautiful elements of one’s wedding. So let me introduce a fairly new (in the Philippines at least) wedding videography term for bride-to-be’s out there.

Bridal Elegance: A term referring to a video shoot in the style of a fashion shoot that depicts the bride in her wedding gown. Can be done before, during or after the wedding.

Okay, imagine this: Your wedding day will probably be one of the days when you look your extreme best. That diet and rigorous exercise regimen has actually paid off, or if not, the stress most likely allowed you to shed a few of those unwanted pounds. You have been excitedly anticipating that big day and wonderful emotions of joy, love and longing have been overflowing from your heart. Best thing is your gown is totally gorgeous and you have been trying it on over and over again a few days before your I do’s. Everything is lovely perfect and quite surreal.

Now here’s where Bridal Elegance comes in. Why not capture all the beauty, joy, excitement, and style on film? You might be thinking you’re too shy to be the only one in front of the camera, or that you don’t know how to act, am I right? Truthfully, it will be your videographer who will make sure you are comfortable and direct you on what to do, so don’t worry! This may not be for the fainthearted but I’m sure for those who are willing to try it, they will not be disappointed (I would have done it myself!). 50 years from now, you get to share it with your grandchildren and enjoy it as much as you would your other wedding videos.

Honestly, I have a feeling this will be a very popular demand from brides especially since Mayad Studios has shown us how beautiful it can be (first video is my fave!). Here are some sample Bridal Elegance videos they did to help us get into the Bridal Elegance Bandwagon.

Videography: Mayad Studios / Wardrobe: Carina Canlas-Villaluz and Carol Concepcion / Styling : Carol Concepcion and Chel Yuson / Model: Olivia Medina, Marcela Aldra Delacosta and Jemariz Austria


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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I’ve seen shots of “bridal elegance” way back last year during Jayjay & Feliz wedding SDE. Mayad also captured it. Dun pa lng, i got it as peg for our SDE soon. It’s really nice that my observations are at par with Bride & Breakfast team 🙂

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