Backyard Bliss

The long weekend definitely came by too quickly. And because we’ve been gone for a while, it’s only fair to start the week with a bang! For those couples dreaming of a laid-back, garden barkyard-ish feel kind of wedding, this super cute wedding will blow your mind. What I totally love about this wedding is […]

I Want You Jimmy Choo!

A very good friend of mine is getting married in Macau 35 days from now! I’m so excited about it because her gown is too-gorgeous-for-words, her groom’s tux is so amazing that any guy would feel like a million bucks in it, and the venue is so spectacular. And because I love weddings as much […]

Art and Affection

Just by looking at the work of Rock Paper Scissors Photography, you would know that they are not just photographers, they are true-blue artists.  Every time I feature their work, it always seems to have a different element to it–reinvention is key. RPS is one of the photographers to watch out for in the wedding scene. […]

Destined I Do’s

Red is a sunset Blazing and bright. Red is feeling brave With all your might. Red is a sunburn A spot on your nose. Sometimes red, is a red red rose. Red squiggles out when you cut your hand. Red is a brick And the sounds of a band. Red is hotness You get inside […]

The Look




    The Charmer and the Chic

    Weddings are fun, festive, and full of fantastic elements. However, getting there is not always easy. Most weddings take a lot of effort, crazy planning and even a few tears. I decided to have our gorgeous bride share bits and pieces of their experience in this journey to their big beautiful day. Take it from […]