Power to the Pillow

In planning your wedding you need to look at both the big things and the small things. What I mean by that is first, you must have the big picture in mind. For example, start off painting an image like: a garden wedding with a romantic and shabby chic feel, where everything is pastel and everyone will feel relaxed and at home. Then you move on to the smaller things. What details can you put into your big picture in order to turn that vision into reality? Is it the type of flowers? The chairs you will use? It can be your invitations, souvenirs, a sign board pointing to the reception area and even down to the smallest things such as name cards of guests on the table. Most brides tend to overlook it, but as the popular saying goes, big things come in little packages! And I am telling you! The more you incorporate elements of style in the small things, the more beautiful your wedding will look. One of the more popular small detail that brides are now being creative on is the ring pillow. Yes, I think this little fellow deserves some credit, after all, your wedding bands will need to ride in style!

Here are some creative and hand-made designs of Anna Whitford.

Look around! There are so many variations of super gorgeous ring pillows out there. Just as you’ll know when you’ve found the perfect man, the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, I’m pretty sure there is also such a thing as the perfect pillow just for you!!!

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