Good Wedding, Good Food, Good Time!

One of the things guests usually look forward to in weddings is the food. I remember my mom (and a number of people) telling me, “Scrimp on anything but the food!”. They have a point. Being raised in a food-loving nation, our celebrations always have the good-food factor. So what are some things we need to remember for the wedding menu?

There are a few things that come to mind. First of all, make sure you have a good caterer, one that is reliable and serves good food. Most caterers will have different packages that will suit your budget. Call and inquire for packages then see what catches your eye. If your venue would be at a hotel, they carry set menus. Make sure that the menu you will choose will also suit the profile of your guests. A good strategy is to have a beef and fish option. Usually the younger crowd or male guests go for the meat while older people go for the fish. Take note, although the type of meat you serve matters, what is more important is that it tastes good. Ask for a food-tasting session as early as possible so that when you don’t like something from the menu, you can request for an alternative. Another tip would be to ask a trusted family member or friend whom you know has very good standards with food. In my case it was my brother—I made sure he was there during the food tasting and he was definitely able to share his two cents on our food choices.

My food tasting experience was indeed an excellent one. I knew from the start that food was a top priority. This is one of the reasons I chose Antonio’s in Tagaytay. Aside from the excellent ambiance, the food is top-notch. During the food tasting session, they served the dishes as it would be served in the wedding so I got to comment on the portions, presentation, and taste.

Lets start with the cocktails. Cocktails are so important because everyone most likely will be hungry after your long ceremony. Discuss with your coordinator what time the cocktails should be served. My aunt had this brilliant idea of serving cocktails before the ceremony. Many of our guests endured a two-hour ride from Manila to get to our wedding in Tagaytay. We wanted to welcome them with a light snack and make sure they were full during the ceremony. While waiting for the other guests to arrive, everyone got to eat, mingle and relax. Another perk was our guests were not too full from the cocktails when dinner was served. In many cases, guests are so hungry after the ceremony  they end up overeating during cocktails. Again, there is no rule set on stone for cocktails. Whether it’s before or after the ceremony, your guests will definitely enjoy a light snack.

Check out our appetizers that were simply divine:

Chicken Risotto Balls with Mozzarella

Prawn Skewers

Scallops w/ Mango Orange Sauce and Lumpfish Caviar  (See photo).

A guest from Hong Kong candidly enjoys the cocktails.

Our dinner menu was also a hit with our guests. Family and friends kept raving about it weeks and months after the wedding. That really proves that the guests really do remember the food! Here’s a sample of our menu.

Salad: Fresh Mesclun Salad from the garden, Bleu d’ Auvergne Crumble, Glazed Walnuts, Dried Currants, Dried Cranberries w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette

Soup: Oven Roasted Cream of Tomato and Capsicum Bisque

First Main Course: Grilled Pink Peppered Chilean Sea Bass  on Tomato Risotto, Saffron – Kaffir Sauce

Lemon-lime Sorbet

Second Main Course:  Grilled Beef Fillet, Gratinated w/ Wild Mushroom on Mashed Potato

Dessert: Tartufo Nero w/ Grand Marnier

Freshly Squeezed Dalandan Juice

Coffee or Tea

After-Party Snacks: Cheese Platter


Although as the bride, expect that you won’t get to taste half of what’s in your menu during your big day. So I will leave you with one word you should take to heart: CRACKERS.
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  1. I believe we share the same passion for FOOD! 🙂

    But food is not complete without wine.
    Matching to complement taste buds can add an exquisite factor to the satisfaction of guests! 🙂 if not on a budget, every plate served would be fabulous if paired with wine. lol!

    And i suggest Zuni for catering in Manila whether it would be for a wedding, debut or a simple gathering with friends. Simply delectable 😉

    Check out their website–>

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