What Dreams Are Made Of

Are you ready for some delicious eye candy? Well I don’t know about you, but my reaction to gorgeous weddings remain consistent. I usually whisper a soft “wow”, then stare at the photos contemplating what exactly I love about the wedding that caught me in a smittened trance in the first place. For a moment I smile and get that giddy feeling thinking of how amazing it will be to have other people share that experience with me. So come along, join me today (while I sip my iced coffee), and just sit back and take in all the details and richness of this stunningly beautiful formal affair of Vincent and Bernette.

Fave item for this wedding: Definitely the embellished mini cape Bernette put over her amazing gown. It’s elegant, light and extremely pretty! I can’t stop admiring it!

This photo is unbelievable. Drama and class from the hands of Nelwin Uy.

A spectacular and unique gallery welcomed the guests. I love how couples keep coming up with new designs for their galleries. I wonder if it will soon be flat screen TVs mounted in place of the framed photographs. That would be so modern, hip and so techy-trip!

So with that, I bid you adieu! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Church: San Agustin / Reception: EDSA Shangri-La / Event Stylist: Larry Natividad / Makeup: Noel Jimenez / Gown: Richie Ortega Torres / Photographer: Nelwin Uy / Video: Bob Nicolas

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