Love – A Universal Language

One thing I love about weddings is that it can transcend geography, culture and race. Just as children are born everyday all around the world, I believe weddings take place everyday in different countries as well. Bride and Breakfast is dedicated to gorgeous weddings in the Metro as well as the talented vendors produced in this country. Once in a while we get to travel abroad when these skilled artists take their talent to different territories other than our own. Mayad, a B&B fave, shares with us a unique wedding they shot in Pleasanton, California. They informed us that they were the only Filipino vendor for Sultana and Ace’s wedding—they earned every right to be there! What an awesome opportunity to make your countrymen (particularly wedding enthusiasts such as myself) proud. I must say Sultana’s vows was beautifully composed and would definitely make it to my top three list of most touching vows I’ve heard to date. Although different in terms of culture and tradition, this wedding still speaks volumes on beauty, commitment and love—a universal language.

Note: The location of the wedding is jaw-dropping!

Video: Mayad Studios

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