King and Queen of Hearts

After that power outage yesterday, I simply couldn’t wait to write again. Contrary to many peoples’ preference, I love rain. But the dark clouds have passed and today we welcome sunshine-filled things, one of them Arthur and Sheilan’s wedding. This is our first Cebu wedding feature and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. A celebration that speaks of romance, drama and a feel of royalty. The elements contributing to the overall feel of the wedding were exquisite. Sheilan, the breathtakingly gorgeous bride pulled of the term “the more, the merrier” with regards to her choice of crystals. The embellishments on her gown and hairpiece created a dreamy, princess-like aura. Don’t fret Arthur, I haven’t forgotten about you! Props to the groom for appropriately choosing a tux that matches his bride’s look. I love so many things about this wedding and I think you will too.

I love the gray gowns of the sponsors. The color, style and fabric reflects Cebu’s artistic culture.

These flower arrangements are so perfect. Tall, lush and pretty always does the trick. I really like the fact that it doesn’t look like your typical wedding arrangement, and was very tastefully done.

Here’s a peek at the couple’s onsite video. The song used was Michelle Tumes’, Lovely. Although I’ve heard this song so many times, it simply never gets old. This one is worth your while!

If Cebu produces weddings as picture-perfect as this, Bride and Breakfast will surely have a feast. Congratulations to you Arthur and Sheilan!

Photography: Nelwin Uy / Makeup: Wenwen Zaspa / Video: MG Digital / Church: Sacred Heart / Coordination: Shirley Grace Ong

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