I Heart J.Crew! I Really Do!

I love New York. I know people normally say that, but if you dig deeper on this so-called love, it’s quite a whole different story. People can love New York for its energy, culture, diversity of self-expression, fast-paced lifestyle and many more. I, on the other hand, love New York because of an unconventional reason—I love all the fabulous bridal stores! Sigh Just the thought of being surrounded by all those pretty things makes my heart leap for joy! Like a kid goes crazy the moment they enter a toy store, I confess that bridal stores have the same effect on me. So when I found out that J.Crew, one of my favorite (more affordable) imported brands, was opening a Bridal boutique in Madison Ave., I added it to my “must-visit stores when in New York” list. However, I wasn’t sure when my next trip to the Big Apple would be so I decided to look for the next best thing. If it looks this fun on video, I am dying to visit it sooner than later. Oh what a happy day! This video inspired me so much, I got quite a few styling ideas brewing in my head, but those will just have to wait until my next post. Today we take a little bridal field trip… enjoy!

To see more of the store click here.

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