Pretty in Pink

It’s amazing how travel can bring to life so much inspiration and ideas. I currently write to you from the busy streets of Hong Kong, a place that seems to have the most stamps of in my passport. What an amazing time this has been for me and my husband Ian. I am a bit bummed that tonight I fly back to Manila, but the show must go on and it’s always good to have something perk you up on a Monday. If you are a lot  like me, a beautiful wedding will surely do the trick. When Wendy sent me pictures from her big day, I squealed with delight! And even if I was away from home, I knew I had to write about it immediately.

A wedding that was fun and light is always a thing that most couples strive for. Looking throughout the photos made me think of cotton candy, fairy tales, ballerinas and princesses. It seems like one of those weddings you’ve dreamed of having when you were a child, but this time it’s for real. The bride looked serenely sweet (I love her super cute haircut!) and her groom couldn’t be happier. And pink has definitely made a comeback for this year. Although the color can be a tricky shade, if done with just enough whimsy and style it can be a delight to the eyes. Femininity and charm combined, this wedding is definitely pretty in pink.

Jelly shoes with Swarovski crystals to match the bride’s gown and headpiece. Next to diamonds, I think crystals are a bride’s best friend.

This shot is pure romance. Talk about pretty!

The entourage wore pink and gray. Notice how the guys’ shirts were also pink. Well, what can I say? I love pink on men!

Because weddings are not just about the couple but also about celebrating family, this video is a top favorite for me.

Wendy shares:

“We made a video—a surprise tribute to our parents—with a twist. Alain thanked my parents and I thanked Alain’s parents. We think a lot of the guests were really moved by this video.”

What a great way to welcome new members of the family!

From the bride:

The wedding is quite a traditional Filipino-Chinese wedding. But because I really love fashion, that element was very evident. Our engagement pictures by Pat Dy were displayed the foyer of the ballroom as well as used for an opening video while guests are coming in. I love how people still tell us that it is the most heartwarming wedding they have attended. My favorite part would be my walk down the aisle. Seeing both my mom and especially my dad  crying really meant so much to me. And it made really made the guests cry as well.  Even our other suppliers thought it was an overwhelmingly sentimental bridal walk. To add to more emotional moments, my husband and I actually cried when our wedding pictures were shown.

Church: Grace Christian Church / Officiating Pastor: Pastor Stephen Tan / Wedding Gown and Entourage Gowns: Larry Espinosa / HMU: Xeng Zulueta / Church Flowers: Robert Blancaflor / Shoes: Limited Edition “Ultragirl Night Sky” by Brazilian designer J.Maskrey with Melissa Australia / Hairpiece: Ken Samudio of Matthew and Melka Luxury Accessories / Videographer: Dominic Velasco of Imacron / Emcee: Mike Lim / Wedding Coordinator: Vangie Go of Wedding Treasures

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  1. hi janna, really nice feature you have here. any suggestions as to what colors are okay to use for november? i want it to be light and fun but a bit formal at the same time… help! i am still not decided on any color… =(

  2. Hi Clueless bride! Your colors must also reflect your personality, otherwise you won’t enjoy the color that will be surrounding you on your big day. Write down all the colors you tend to like the most ( ex. light blue, beige, purple, peach etc ). Then you can post here. I will give you suggestions on trimming down the list and I’m sure our other readers can also suggest something!

  3. hi janna, thank you! i love white, green, and blue… but i dont want to use green and blue anymore because i’ve been to many green and blue weddings… i like peach and apricot, sandstone… i love the cherry red but i don’t want red as the dominant color… i like yellow too, but not the bright shade, more the egg yolk shade… oh and burnt orange too i like… i am not only a clueless bride but a confused one at that haha =) (pulling my hair now =p) thanks alot

    1. Thanks for your inquiry! We’re sorry, but the suppliers list the couple gave are all that we have. We’ll leave your comment here, and hopefully if the bride sees it, she can chime in. Thanks!

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