SoleMates: Your Shoe’s Best Friend

Have you ever attended an outdoor wedding or event and got frustrated with how your expensive footwear seemed to just sink lower and lower into the grass? How painful it is to have those brand new stiletto heels stained with soil. What more if they were satin or some delicate material that can easily get scratched or smeared?

This was one of my main dilemmas when I decided to have a garden wedding. I knew it would be a challenge and I didn’t  want to trip or be conscious when my heels started to sink. One day, I stumbled upon one of the greatest inventions that will end the ongoing feud between my stilettos and the green grass. SoleMates is a company that sells heel plugs to prevent your gorgeous shoes from puncturing holes in the grass. It also is good for preventing your heels getting stuck in between cobblestone, wooden decks and metal grates. Shoes are not cheap and having these plugs will also protect them from immediate wear and tear. The even greater thing about this product is that you can actually use them everyday too!

I still have around 7 brand-new pairs left from my wedding and I’m selling them for PHP650 each. Maybe that’s a small price to pay for what it will save you from shoe damage.

Check out the SoleMates site to discover how crazy genius this product is!

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  1. Hi Janna,

    Would like to buy a pair of this. Do you still have stocks? Thanks! =)

    Btw your wedding was really gorgeous. We have the same photographer – Pat – I think my hubby and I got married one week before you guys =) cheers!

    1. Hi Wendy,

      I’m so sorry but it’s sold out already! Another bride decided to give it as a gift to her bridesmaids (Pretty cool idea I think)! I also saw your wedding and I think you looked so gorgeous! Do you have a link where I can see the rest of your wedding? I love looking at wedding photos!

      Thanks for reading B&B!

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