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Almost every girl I know dreams of the fairytale wedding we so often see in movies or the pages of a bridal magazine. While some may have the luxury of splurging on their big day, others simply have to work within a budget. But do not fret, the beauty of a wedding is not really directly related to how much you spend for it. Aside from the priceless emotions of love and laughter, the trick really is in the style details. And that’s where B&B comes in.

Being a lover of all things beautiful, I hope to share with you my own wedding experience, the creme de la creme weddings and super gorgeous wedding-related things that can inspire you to get your style to the aisle. Whether you need to keep tabs on the expenses or it’s sky’s the limit for your big day, if it’s fresh, unique and pretty, it’s here!

But first things first! Let me introduce myself. I’m Janna and I love pretty things. Ever since I started planning my wedding, I simply got hooked on the beauty and creativity it requires. I constantly seek for inspiration in books, blogs and anything in between. I am blessed to be totally in love with my husband who is also my best friend. And a mom to our first little darling Matti who adds so much color to my life. I am passionate about style, wedding fashion, and anything artsy and elegant. I love to write, I love to daydream, and I love to be girly. As a wedding curator, I constantly strive to get ideas to innovate and better my eye for detail. As a blogger, I try to filter out the best of what this industry has to offer hoping that I would be able to help and inspire all of you.

So with that, I say cheers to you, yes you… the beauty of this story. You deserve the best groom, the best wedding and the best memories of one of the grandest days of your life!

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  1. GREAT GREAT GREAT. ALIW ALIW ALIW. SAYA SAYA SAYA… and so glad , i was part of it somehow from the very start…pls be careful with my heart (that wont be funny if you dont know that song)

    B&B Fan Forever,


  2. janna simpao. i’m so proud of you. you really have good taste (from clothes, weddings and even bathroom paint colors) and i’m so happy i can always ask you!

  3. I first chanced upon your wedding pictures via the facebook pics found at Pat Dy’s personal page. I found your wedding classy and fun! Congratulations and continue to inspire a lot of people with your blog.

  4. Hi Janna,

    I saw your wedding video at Pat Dy’s website. Your gown was so gorgeous! Just want to ask who designed and made it? Hope to hear from you soon.


    Kate 🙂

    1. Hi Kate! Thanks for visiting B&B. My wedding dress is by Monique Lhuillier. Thank you for the compliment! Although I’m wondering, you did mean wedding photos, and not wedding video right? I will be blogging about our wedding soon. See you again here!

  5. Hi Janna. Thanks for the reply. Yes, it’s your wedding photos pala. I super love your blog. Looking forward to more wedding ideas. Thanks again!:)

  6. hi janna,
    i love the low back dress you posted. is that nude in color? 🙂 hope it’s not too much to ask if you can send me front angle of the dress and a more a more close up look 🙂
    thanks! 🙂

  7. Hi Janna!

    I’m glad to have finally found your site! I uber love your bridesmaids dresses!!! =) I saw your wedding story in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings and eversince I’ve been looking around for your profile. I wonder if you also do entourage gowns for other’s wedding? Am very, very interested, just in case. I’ll be getting married on December 11 next year. Your blog is also awesome! Keep up the good work! =)

  8. Hi Janna, I just stumbled upon your blog today, and I want to bop myself in the head for not knowing about this sooner! The weddings you featured are all oh-so-gorgeous! I looked through every single post (which brings me to your first one, hehe).

    I’m getting married in October next year, and I will definitely be a frequent visitor to get lots of ideas. I’m working with a verrry limited budget, but your blog challenges and inspires me to pull off a beautiful wedding without going bankrupt.

    Keep inspiring!

    1. Hi Dea,

      How exciting! Preparations are both fun and draining, so be sure you take time to breathe, pray, and remind yourself that what matters most is love! I hope B&B will inspire you to make your wedding as stylish as possible. Some weddings we’ve featured also had a very tight budget, and yet they have super amazing celebrations!

  9. Hello Janna,
    Am a fan . 😉 i love how you narrate all the pretty details of one lovely wedding unto a read worthy blog. Being a starting detail coordinator in our little town, i can check you blog for inspirations, and surely it would be a hit! I saw your wedding pics featured in some of our local magazines and when I stumbled upon your blog way back October, I was very happy! I even browsed from your first blog ’till the present entry, and I’m always excited for your Monday entries and Fashion Friday posts ( very brilliant accounts that greatly inspires weddings suckers like me). your site is now climbing up the charts in my fave wedding related sites !
    LURVE IT! Keep on blogging … you inspire me a lot … and will definitely tell my soon-wed-friends about your blog!

    Now B&B addict ;-),

    1. Hi Dhan,

      It really makes my day when I have readers who tell me how much they enjoy B&B! It encourages me to keep doing what I am doing! I hope to always see you here 🙂 Join our FB page and/or subscribe if you haven’t still… so you can get regular updates 🙂 Thanks again for your kind, kind words!

      Hugs and love,


  10. I simply love your blog. It really inspires me on what i want for my wedding…everything is with cutenes and chic. Keep bogging 🙂

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