Wanderers and Lovers

It’s pretty neat that our job allows us to see how couples go through adventures together. And it’s also quite awesome how these moments are captured forever–something you can always look back at 50 years from now and reminisce about the good ol’ times. Ryan and Jovy’s Ilocos engagement taken by Jaja Samaniego is a tale of wanderers and lovers. Isn’t that scenery unbelievable? Tipping Point Collective was working their creative magic as they styled these lovebirds with some quirky and artsy flair. And with that, join us as we reveal one of the secrets of staying in love… always find time to have fun adventures!

Happy Monday!

Flight to Forever

There is just something quite romantic about going on adventures with the love of your life. RabbitHole Creatives styled a whimsical flight-inspired engagement shoot for Herbert and Lala that was shot by no other than the hip guys at MangoRed. All these fun prints and bright colors have definitely caught our eye. What a fantastic way to capture their flight to forever! Hoping everyone will enjoy the lovely day ahead!

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Photographer: MangoRed / Styling: RabbitHole Creatives

Away We Go

I really enjoy engagement shoots wherein the personality of the couple shines through. It’s very fascinating to see elements that speak of who they are, what they like, or what they love come into play in a styled setting. Van and Kat’s shoot is such a great set displaying the thrill and wonder of travel and the vast sky. Van is a pilot and I thought this was such a cool way to bring in that detail–through the use of old school aircrafts! It anchored everything in a nostalgic appeal. I loved how NYAPS framed and directed the photography and gave such a cinematic feel to the shots. It perfectly complemented the clean styling of understated vintage charm!

Here’s a shoot that evokes wistful feelings of adventure and aviation. Up, up, here we go!

Photographer: NYAPS / Makeup Artist: Erin Cabrera / Stylist: Kimi Kim / Stylist: Jihan Muzada

Colors of Spring/Summer 2011

As some of you might already know, Honeysuckle is supposed to be the color of 2011. And for many princess brides out there, this is all good news! But for the not-so-girly brides, don’t fret. As a break from our usual wedding features, I just want to share a tidbit on color trends for those hopeless romantics dreaming of their color palette. Make no mistake these colors are about love and adventure.

The Pantone Spring/Summer Colors for 2011 chosen by New York designers are so dainty as well as exotic! Whether you are thinking of a Martha Stewart/Garden Fresh theme or to travel to a Beach Breezy Bubbly Bash, these colors (no matter how you combine them, or individually) fit the bill! As more unique and personalized weddings are becoming popular, go for these warm-meets-cool tones. If you love color, I’d definitely say give em’ a try.

Now to think of fun combinations…

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