This Introvert Couple Went on a Scenic Roadside Engagement Photoshoot

A lot of us might be able to relate with Ben and Mica! Since they’re not used to doing photoshoots, this couple overcame their camera shyness by just allowing their fun and laidback personalities to shine. They simply showed their genuine selves dressed in casual wear, more smiles and minimal makeup brightening their faces, and […]

The Look




Local Produce and OPM Songs Made This Couple’s Modern Filipiniana Wedding Stand Out!

We love Modern Filipiniana weddings because not only are they beautiful, but they show pride for our country too! We’ve seen many couples put unique spins on the Filipiniana theme, and Stephen and Krina were no exception. Their wedding favors were so creative and very Pinoy! They set up two stalls with fresh produce sourced […]