20 Songs Sweet Enough for Your Reception Dinner

Bring in the romance! Today, we’re all about songs you can play at your reception dinner. We’ve tried our best not to include too many of the usuals, so we’d all get to hear something new and different. Be warned that the sweetness is contagious! So whether you’re on a song search for your own wedding, or you’re […]

Ridiculously Romantic Songs For Your First Dance: Part 1

It’s playlist week again! Today, we’re giving you a rundown of those sweet and sweep-you-off-your-feet type of songs that will leave every single one of your guests gushing! Yuuup ladies, we’re dishing out some of the most romantic songs you can use for your first dance! And we’re not talking about those usual cliché ones, […]

Field of Dreams

Remember how I mentioned another feature today? Well, it’s gonna be pretty simple but overflowing with the romantic factor! Wilson and Jhe’s Save-the-Date Video by Cinemaworks is short but oh-so-sweet. It’s proof that the most understated concepts can actually be the most heartfelt ones. This video definitely left me in a mushy mood… sigh! Videography: […]

The Look