Groovy and Gorgeous

If your Monday is leaning towards looking like a not-so-great day, then may I suggest you click here for a boost! Let’s get into a groovy and funky mood as we scroll through George and Annabelle’s seaside Cebu garden wedding! With pops of bright colors, a sweet photo sesh with a Beetle and Kombi in the […]

The Look


Laid-back Loveliness

It won’t take a minute of your time to absolutely fall in love with Eric and Sally’s Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa wedding. But it will however steal away a few more minutes of your time because of how mesmerizing this beach celebration is. Laid back and most definitely lovely as can be, this wedding will certainly […]

The Look



Sand-Swept Sweethearts

How can you go wrong with a beach wedding? Aside from the perfect backdrop for the most important promise of your life, you’ve got the ideal setup for things to be fun, breezy, and oh so dreamy! There’s just so much to love! And with Daniel and Janice’s picturesque palette, I’m at a loss for words because of […]

In La La Love

Dean and Arianne’s engagement shoot by Paopao Sanchez is a combination of fun and charming. Although the venues are lovely and Arianne’s choice of gowns are certainly beautiful, what makes the couple’s e-sesh exceptional is their evident love for each other. Dean’s consistent loving stare and Arianne’s continual sweet hold has me delighted and giddy. Look at the […]

Picture Perfect

Anton and Katkat’s love is certainly something to be envied. When you combine a love like theirs and an enlivening scenery, you won’t be surprised when the photos come out to be foolproof and picture perfect. The couple’s pre-wedding shoot shot by Paopao Sanchez shows all you need to achieve a refreshing and delightful garden wedding. See all […]