Bright Colors and Serene Waters

Up for some endearing romance this afternoon? Trust Bride and Breakfast to bring it to you! Donne and Yra’s positively sweet wedding will send you smiling from ear to ear. The fusion of pink and mint with the tranquility of the beach makes this an interesting set to see. I love what they did to […]

The Look


A Traditional Touch

Hello, darlings! This week’s Tuesday wedding is magnificently captured by Foreveryday Photography. Gerro and Queenie’s wedding took place in the heart of Ilocos Sur! It’s so amazing how the modern accents just blended perfectly together with the cultural pieces, and how the couple was still able to mix in something that represented a part of their personalities. So, […]

Charming Choices

Hey, darlings! What have you all been up to? As for me, I’ve been browsing through this set by BrilliantBum Photography. Come check it out! There’s just something romantic about being in the woods or being surrounded by nature with your significant other, don’t you think? This wedding sure does! Oh, and I love how Jojo and Aimee’s choice […]

Rustic Fantasy

Raise your hands if you’re one of the sweet and sappy ones who believe in happily ever afters! (But really, who doesn’t?) Here at the B&B HQ, we always get bitten by the love bug. But today’s extra special! Thanks to Myio Okamoto, you’ll get to witness with us a wedding that’s 13 years in the […]

The Look



Good as Gold

If you stop and take a look at anything pretty today, please let it be Miko and Kat’s wedding by Seph Aparente Folios. If there’s anything that brings me joy, it’s going through photos absolutely filled to the brim with style and fun. Prepare yourself for a just-enough-sparkle color scheme, a set of bridesmaids with the most adorable […]