Bejeweled in Batanes

There is no doubt that Batanes is a stunning place to say your I do’s. The majestic view, the breathtaking greenery–it’s as if your hand could almost touch the sky. Rommel and Olivia took this gorgeous place and added a surprisingly amazing twist, contrasting the beautiful nature with their sleek and romantic modern wedding. From […]

Celebrity Wedding: Eric Dee Jr. and Bea Soriano

It’s a no brainer! We lovvvvvvveeeee Eric Dee Jr. and model Bea Soriano’s garden wedding. We’ve actually been raving about it since the day we found ourselves glued to their instagram hashtag #beric2015. Why are we crazy over it, you ask? Well, for starters, we totally dig the idea that this couple managed to keep […]

The Ever Elegant Veluz RTW 2014

I can’t even begin to describe the state of awe I am in right now. We all know that Veluz has come to be a household name in the Philippine wedding industry. A mention of her dresses will have a thousand brides swooning instantly. And just when I thought things have reached its perfection, this […]

Fashion Friday: Veluz Ready to Wear 2014

One thing is for sure, Veluz is probably one of the most buzzed-about bridal gown designers in the Philippines. And because her gowns evoke beauty, whimsy, and romance, many Filipino brides dream of walking down the aisle in one. Now with her second collection for her RTW line, many brides around the world are rejoicing […]

Fashion Friday: Veluz RTW Bridal 2013

Do you remember falling in love for the very first time? How you can’t seem to breathe. How every single detail about that object of affection is so memorable, and yet surreal at the same time. How you dread goodbyes and find yourself wide awake in your bed thinking of the next time you’ll meet […]